Chemotherapy can cause hair loss.

Hair usually grows back after chemotherapy is finished.

There is a window of time from the last chemo treatment to the 68th day that is critical. 

Critical 68-Day Window After Chemotherapy Hair Loss

The rate and pattern of hair growth can vary from person to person.

It’s dependent on MANY factors, yet many are overlooked

The obvious strengths of the chemo treatments and frequency is important

Things overlooked though are sometimes everyday things that most people don’t even know about! 

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Some people may experience hair regrowth within a few weeks of finishing treatment, while others may take several months before noticing regrowth.

Either way, keep in mind that as the bulb of the follicle is growing the hair, it can take a few weeks to reach the surface of the scalp to show off its growth

Also, remember that new hairs are pointed and oftentimes very soft, fine or even fuzzy at first. AND, when you do all the right things,
your hair can improve beyond your expectations!

Hair may also grow back in a different texture or color than it was before treatment.

With all of the above points, there are so many others that can be discussed. 

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Does Hair Grow Back After Chemo

Does Hair Grow Back After Chemo
Does Hair Grow Back After Chemo