Stress is unfortunately a part of everyone’s life.

We feel no matter what you do for a living it will just be a part of it. 

More than likely our first ladies throughout history have had their fair amount of stress.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis and Laura Bush both were in the White House during troubled times.

What can you do to help with that stress?

There is scalp massage.

You might not think it would work, but it does work!

The best thing is you do not have to wait for your hairstylist or a massage therapist to do it for you.

You can do it yourself and save a little money in the process. Here’s what you do.
And if you’re thinking… It never really feels as good as when someone else does it, hold on for a trick that not only makes it feel better, also, it helps with hair growth! So, hold on til the end!

Start now, by using your fingertips to create circular motions around your head.

Work a few sections in each area allowing your muscles to relax and loosen.
Start at the front of your head and work your way back to make sure you are thorough.
As you massage your scalp focus your fingertips on some pressure points to help further alleviate stress.
You can spend some extra time massaging your temples, the crown of your head, the base of your head, and behind your ears.

Now, for the extra sensation and added hair growth benefits, here’s how you add more circulation to the scalp with a little known fingerNAIL trick.

It is not the way you would typically reach up and scratch, so this is why it feels rather extraordinary

You will be massaging your scalp with the bed of your nail, not the edge. 
So, curl your fingertips towards the palms of your hands.
Reach up and press your nailbeds to the scalp.
Act as if you are scratching but don’t use the free edge of the nail. (The free edge can make micro-tears in the scalp, so you don’t want that).
With the bed, it gives a great sensation, circulation, and keeps your scalp safe! 
Once you feel this, you’ll know what to do next! 

These areas mentioned can hold extra tension so a little extra attention will help you to relax more.
Plus stirring up the circulation is always a plus for better hair and hair growth! 

Now, you feel better, of course.

By doing regular scalp massage
you will be promoting hair growth
by increasing blood circulation in the scalp.
In less than 15 seconds, you can also add
over 17 trusted hair growth factors.
The Hair~Growth Starter Set by Belegenza is the next step to great hair. 

It contains GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener  by Belegenza which removes salon and popular common products from your scalp so your scalp can breathe and do what it does bestgrow hair.

With DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner by Belegenza you will strengthen each individual hair strand, moisturize and pH balance them, while adding springy body to your hair. 

Stress can be dealt with so don’t feel you’re alone.

Jacqueline and Laura survived and so will you!
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Did Our First Ladies Take Part In This: Hair Growth Massage Stress Relief?