Cheryl and I had the privilege of visiting our friend Marlene Forte, known as Carmen Ramos on Dallas, on her day off.  As a satisfied and dedicated user of GrowOut Shampoo, PerForm Control Styling Gel, and RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment, she invited us to the set of TNT’s Dallas to meet her incredible Dallas family.  From the moment we arrived, we were home!

Expecting them to be harsh and unfriendly like their characters’ are, every one welcomed us like we were long-lost cousins, who had come in from the cold!  From the crew to each actor/actress, and of course, the hair and makeup geniuses, we were included as if we were part of the show!   Marlene showed us through the set, and even availed herself as our photographer!    A great photographer she is,  but even a better sales person. We wish we could afford to hire her.  As she would introduce us, ” Linda, these are my friends, Alan and Cheryl, who came to visit me.  Remember how my hair was breaking and brittle about a year and half ago?  They are the ones who saved my hair!  It’s their GrowOut Shampoo and products that have my hair growing back and so fast!”    And so, the conversation would go on…the best part being that we felt like such stars in the presence of  super stars!

Personal notes on Marlene…. besides being sooo authentic and real, she didn’t start acting until she was 28 years old, and was a single mom of her gorgeous and talented daughter Giselle Rodriguez-Forte, whom we love as well!  Marlene, defies mathematics and aging, and shared with us her secrets of staying so young and vital…more later!   Brenda Strong , whom we met without makeup and hair all pinned up waiting for the genius head of the hair department Charles Yusko, aka Charlie (and his Angels), is stunningly beautiful inside and out. By the way, cowboy hats-off to Charles (must read article about him and his work!) for making hair look sooo good!  Texas may have to change its saying from “Everything’s bigger in Texas”, to “Everything’s BETTER in Texas!”   Patrick Duffy, one of the busiest actors/directors in show business was like our best friend, whom we’ve known forever.  Though in his presence just a minute here and there, he made us feel like we had spent the day with him!   Jordana was inflight while we were there, so we will have to make another trip to meet Marlene/Carmen’s daughter, Elena Ramos.  Emma Bell mezmerized us with her piercing blue eyes, perfect skin, left us with our jaws dropped that she was so charming… unlike the character, Emma Brown, whom she plays!  Linda Gray, whom I was afraid to even meet, was what you wish your favorite actors are…elegant, GORGEOUS, gracious,  & generous.  As for Larry Hagman, we are certain he was/is bigger than life.  Just seeing the painting, JR’s office, his things, and having met the cast and crew, we were sure he had impressed his greatness into everyone and everything, and, of course, despite the  sadness of his passing, we are forever changed for the better for having visited Larry Hagman’s world.

Did we get the scoop on the next season??  Absolutely!  Can we tell?  NOT YET… but this will be what to watch out for.  Study our pictures carefully.  Some we can’t reveal, yet, but you will see that we are again, in the know and ahead of the game, like we are in our quest for the safest ingredients and making of products that lead the way into the future.  So, look out for one of the hottest scenes, ever on Dallas.  You may even see our Belegenza-mobile (a red Cadillac) , parked and/or pulling out of a parking spot during a high security scene.  Also, if you notice even shinier, healthier, more gorgeous hair on the show starting the last episodes of  Season 3 and into Season 4, you can be sure, Belegenza is continuing it’s legendary growth with the legends of Dallas! Thank you cast and crew of Dallas and TNT for having us as your guests!  Thank you, Marlene, for your generosity, welcome, and pure love!  And, Charles….You are proving “Everything’s BETTER in Texas!”

Alan & Cheryl

P.S.  Yes, we knew about J.R. Ewing Bourbon, but we were sworn to secrecy til now!  It’s a a four-year-old, 80-proof, Kentucky bourbon with “hints of vanilla, oak sweetness and a touch of orange.”