Take Recycling a Step Further



Spring is nearly upon us.
What comes to mind for most is spring cleaning.
Have you thought about cleaning out your hair care tools?
We’re talking about curling irons, hair dryers, and other similar hair appliances.


It’s so easy to be walking down the hair appliance aisle and be taken in by the pretty boxes.
Before you know it you have yet another curling wand.
We want the latest in innovation and we go for it.
But what do you do with the old?
Toss them is one solution.

We have a better idea.


Did you know that these appliances can be recycled for their scrap metal?
Unfortunately it’s not as easy as throwing them in a recycling bin.
But if you take the time, look up the nearest scrap metal recycling center, and go drop off, you get to feel good all day knowing that you’ve helped reduce the need for the mining of new metals — which also helps prevent the destruction of nature.


Good for you!


Alan & Cheryl


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