Yes I bleached my hair a couple a times & it did great damage I’m trying to let it grow I had it highted 2 times too & it really turned dry I have coarse dry hair anyway since my whites are coming in it’s really dry so Im 49 & I don’t know what to use so I have blonde & white hair so please can u help


Yes we can help.  As a bleached blonde for over 13 years, and having been a colorist for over 30 years, Cheryl and I made these products for our personal use!

It is so simple and easy to get your hair back into condition.

1. IlLustrious Shampoo and Cleanser, to gently, and I mean gently shampoo your hair.   Do NOT ruffle it with the shampoo, simply massage the scalp area with the low lather and  run it through your hair in the direction it grows, from scalp to ends.

2. RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment:  Use per directions.  Pay attention to the towel blotting of the hair after applying it, and then add a bit more.  Do this EVERY TIME you shampoo.  RINSE WELL!!!!

3. VirgINity Hair Repair:  This is a superior repair spray, and is only to be used once every 7 times you shampoo and condition, but from your description, use it every time… BUT TRY NOT TO BLOWDRY your hair or add heat!  Allow it to dry naturally as often as possible.

4.  SpotLite Shine Serum:   Drench the ends or the dry and brittle areas an hour before shampooing.  Put enough that it looks greasy!  Let it sit for an hour and then follow the above steps as usual!

If you find that you want your hair even softer, you can later add the EnCore Leave-In Conditioner.


By all means, try to use as little heat as possible.  It’s fragile.  Like fabrics, you want to relate to it like a dress fabric.  High heat for cotton and linen 400 degrees Fahrenheit , soft heat and protection for silks and wool 300 or less Fahrenheit.  Bleached hair is even more fragile than silks and wool, so be kind and gentle, and allow the conditioning agents to protect as you work!