An excerpt from our Professional Business to Business pages at Belegenza: 

Cheryl and I have the honor of working with creative salon geniuses and learn more than we ever could have dreamed. 
Our blog is focused on the end-user… and the extraordinary difference Belegenza products make in and on the hair. 
But, today, we want to welcome you to a portion of our business that is another supremely important part of our work– What we say to our salon owners and fellow professionals! 

It’s hard to say how our referral system really happens…. it just works…

Like the old riddle: What came first, the chicken or the egg? 

So, we are telling YOU, our obsessed customers, about what we talk about with our salon professionals. 

Did you know that it was an obsessed customer who carried her Belegenza products into the top color salon in NYC demanding they only use Belegenza products on her hair from then on!? 

Within 15 minutes, after a heated NYC-style argument, the colorist was begging her for our phone number. 

By the next day, we were invited by the salon owners to accompany them to their Oscars Red Carpet prep salon in Hollywood! That’s how Belegenza was “discovered!’ 
More on that story later…. 

So, what came first, the fame and fortune of working with celebrities, or the fame and fortune of working with the obsessed Belegenza customer!? 

The one thing we know is that “It’s the Belegenza Way,”


So, when your stylist or colorist notices how improved your hair is, you can let them know that you can make the introduction to us personally! 

For those of you who are already obsessed with Belegenza, you already have our private cell/text, so just let us know, and we’ll get them started in a heartbeat! 

For those of you who are not yet users of Belegenza, contact us at . 

So, here’s a glimpse into what’s important to your stylist and colorist and why everyday they are making the switch to Belegenza! 

Hey Fellow Professional: 

Boost your income & your reputation 10 times over in one simple choice!

Introducing a new realm of products for hair:

Made by hairstylists for elite hairstylists and their

clients who are tired of repackaged big brands! 

Aren’t you ready for a new world of beauty that works.

We’ll  enhance your hair expertise to levels everyone will notice!

Experience Real  Beauty  Products.

Real, as in…. made of quality, real & proven ingredients.

Not just a sprinkle of argan oil (maybe 2%) or the latest trendy gimmick oil in a silicone mixture of cheap ingredients in a fancy package! 

Belegenza is food-grade,

from start to finish.

Up to 33% ACTIVE ingredients in a natural base!

Yes, read it again.

…33% ACTIVE ingredients in a natural base!


Typically, salon products max out at  2-12% of active ingredients in a silicone base.

The saddest part is that most often, silicone derivatives are considered ACTIVE ingredients, which is fine for the mass market of people who just need the very basics.

Also, not just cheap products at the big box stores, but also, the top brands do the “switcheroo” with inert, synthetic ingredients and fillers with fancy names.
This includes the top & most well-known brands in the stores, beauty supply stores and even TV and infomercial brands, and especially online brands!

Fear not, though….

Belegenza is product line of its kind.


WE are real stylists and colorists.

WE are salon owners.  

WE were platform artists and pharmaceutical techs.

WE know the secrets of the big manufacturers.

WE also know quality, goodness, and beauty.

And, for the record, we’ve been burned by the best in the industry, and

we’re still standing.

We’ve kept going, and are proud to say,

we are the leaders of the REAL beauty industry.

In fact, we are the creators of the “Silicone-free & Nasties-free” Era! 

So, if you’ve ever heard of of silicone-free, it was Belegenza, who started it….
and pulled it off for the whole industry! 

We are driven by our commitment, not a bunch of corporate white collar business school graduates who hire slick advertisers to distract you from the cheap questionable ingredients that gloss over the problems.

(Did you know Alan was the youngest Platform Artist, ever,  for one of the top BRANDS for the beauty industry?  We know the real story from behind the scenes of the top BRANDS!….and so do you, right?)

You’re now beginning to see that you are in the right place at the right time….right!? 

WE create solutions for you and your clients.
WE keep going to bring you the best, ahead of the others.

WE keep using the finest ingredients that work.

WE keep improving to keep you on the leading edge.

WE keep growing & developing to deliver excellence.

WE keep believing in ourselves and our commitment.

WE deliver to you & our dedicated, loyal Belegenza users.

If you are passionate about improving hair & the beauty  industry…

If you are committed to being the best…

If you want to elevate your reputation now in your own town, city and state,

now is the time for you to choose Belegenza.

“Love the products from Belegenza! I have spoken with Alan, an owner, on several occasions – he is always so pleasant & gets back to you right away any questions that you may have. I am a hairstylist who uses their products for myself & my clients. I have clients who have fine hair, thinning hair and others who have completed their chemo treatments that use the GrowOUT line❤.Also, for skin care….I LOVE their Simply Young Refining & Skin Tightening Spray!!!Great company, excellent customer service – highly recommend Belegenza 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟~~Denice G.

Belegenza replied, “Denise G.,  Thank you for such a glowing review! It is so heartwarming to know how you and your clients feel about Belegenza. I don’t know if you have heard the story about how Belegenza came to be, but way back when I, Alan G Eschenburg was 6 years old, I was just starting my journey as I was doing my granny’s hair for her work as a nurse. I was too squeamish to be a doctor, and that began my realization that I could contribute to patients and the world by helping them look and feel better….and now keep them as safe as possible from chemicals! You are part of my and my sister, Cheryl Honc’s dream come true. Please thank your clients for being part of this as well….”

Tired of carrying products, and then seeing them on the shelves at the drugstore?


You won’t see that from us!

Join us now in offering excellence to your clients.

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If you are a licensed professional or business owner, contact us now at 364-888-1758 to apply for authorization to carry Belegenza! 

If you’d like to refer your stylist or colorist, let us know and we’ll send you a special gift for them, and maybe something for you, too! 

Again, you probably already have our private number, but in case you don’t, call or text us at 364-888-1758!
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