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$520.00 $395.00

Best hair care products for hairstylists who demand the finest for their clients. Elite professionals know the best hair care is Belegenza Hair Care for hair growth, performance, humidity protection and color saving.


Made by hairdressers for elite hairdressers and their clients.

Experience Real  Beauty  Products.   Real, as in really made of quality and real ingredients.  Not a sprinkle of argan oil (maybe 2%) in a silicone mixture of cheap synthetic oils in a fancy package.  Belegenza is food-grade, from start to finish.  Up to 33% ACTIVE ingredients in a natural base!   Yes, read it again.

It did not say active ingredients and then inert ingredients or synthetic ingredients or fillers with fancy names, like the top brand luxury AND cheap brands in the stores and beauty supply stores.. or even TV and infomercial brands.

WE are real stylists and colorists.  WE are salon owners.  WE were platform artists and pharmaceutical techs.  WE know the secrets of the big manufacturers.  WE also know quality, goodness, and beauty.

And, for the record, we’ve been burned by the best in the industry, and we’re still standing.  We’ve kept going, and are proud to say, we are the leaders of the REAL beauty industry.  We are driven by our commitment, not a bunch of corporate white collar business school graduates who hire slick advertisers to distract you from the cheap questionable ingredients that gloss over the problems.  WE create solutions.  WE keep going.  WE keep using the finest ingredients.  WE keep improving.  WE keep growing and developing.  WE keep believing in ourselves and our commitment.  WE deliver to you and our dedicated, loyal users of Belegenza.  If you are passionate about the right things– if you are a commitment to being the best you can be, and want to elevate your reputation now in your own town, city and state, now is the time for you to choose Belegenza.

Tired of carrying products, and then seeing them on the shelves at the drugstore?

Join us now in offering excellence.  Let us send Belegenza customers to your salon when they find your salon is an authorized salon that carries Belegenza.  Not everyone likes to order online, and we need stores in every city to be the pick-up spot for our extraordinary products.  No minimums.  You don’t have to become exclusive, either.  We’re confident that our products fall off the shelves so we love having the competition around!

That you’re this far into this information tells us you are an extraordinary stylist and a person who understands quality and excellence.

Maybe the above rant is reserved for seasoned veteran stylists and owners, and you are the new generation.  Don’t worry, though. Either way, we can pull profits into your salon starting day ONE!  Imagine being excited using new products that WORK, and are safe.. no silicone, no petrolatum, no mineral oil, no phthalates, no parabens, no formaldhyde, no PABA, no SLS, so salt….. AND excellent, world-class results.  Such great results that the excitement about Belegenza and YOU travel  by word of mouth from client to client!

Imagine being the hottest salon in your town, who carries the products that grew from Alan’s and Cheryl’s “kitchen” to being the product of choice by the finest stylists and makeup artists of Hollywood and their celebrities!

Isn’t now the  time to let us help you increase your income?  Want your reputation to grow exponentially?  Want your work to be known as the best?

Join us now!

It’s so easy and you will be so glad you trust us on this one! 

 Your introductory package, a $520.00 of Retail Value (one-time only, subject to approval*) is yours for $395.00!  $200 profit on your first order. 

Your investment gets you:

3 Shampoos:

IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser

GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener

TransFix Color Lock Shampoo (professional use)

4 Conditioners:

RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment

RoMANce PRO TUB for backbar use.

DraMatic Daily Voumizing conditioner

En Core Leave-In Conditioner

VirgINity Hair Repair

3 Styling Aids:

PerForm Control Styling Gel

Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker

Taffy Styling Cream

1 Treatment:

GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray

AND… FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous U.S.!!

When you realize the profits and the referrals and the excited customers raving about their hair and Belegenza products, you will know that you’ve made the right decision.  You will realize that Belegenza is the REAL beauty industry.  You will be part of the new industry.  You will be elevated immediately, as people know that YOU are the leader they always knew you to BE.   Prove to them once again, that you are on top of it.  You are the one.  You are the BE.   You are part of the REAL beauty industry with Belegenza. 

We are so excited to have you take the next right step, by ordering now, and submitting your proper license numbers to us.  You will be starting a lifetime relationship with us at Belegenza.  Get started now by scrolling up  and clicking on the add to cart button now.

To qualify* for this awesome package now, you will have to provide proof of license.


*Email or text a  photo of State License, or Business License to or 760-518-8823. Shipping is contingent upon receipt of license information. If proof is not received within 48 hours, you will be refunded and your order will be cancelled.

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