7 Tips for Preventing Men’s Hair Loss

Intro to Preventing Men’s Hair Loss

Men’s hair loss is a common concern among men and preventing men’s hair loss is usually mucked up with confusion and products out to make a buck off their plight–off YOUR plight!

Roughly two-thirds of men will experience hair loss by their 30’s.

Prevention is the best way to manage and slow hair loss, but early intervention is the key. It’s important to start a regimen once you start to notice your hair thinning. Better yet, if it’s in your genetic “cards” that you were dealt, start preventing men’s hair loss now! Hair loss only gets worse over time if you don’t start taking actions now to slow and prevent hair thinning.

These are 7 things to pay attention to even if your genetics are set for baldness. 

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How to Prevent Men’s Hair Loss (especially #2)!

1. Reduce stress: Large amounts of stress can push hair follicles into the resting phase, known as telogen effluvium. It’s important that you lower your stress levels with exercise, meditation, and/or yoga. Stress causes your body to use up nutrition, like B-Vitamins, and essential minerals. Without those in the hair follicle pipeline, kiss your hairs goodbye! 

2. Maintain a healthy diet BUT NOT SOY: Not eating enough protein can affect your hair growth, so make sure you are getting adequate amounts every day. Taking in a balanced diet rich in protein, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables help with strengthening your hair. To learn more about a healthy diet, check out How to Grow Hair Faster. Print out your own FREE “12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Thinning Hair Reversed” by clicking here now. Soy is only ONE of the 12! 

3. Quit smoking: Smoking can reduce the amount of blood flow to the scalp which can result in slower and reduced hair growth. Vaping is not necessarily safer. Time will tell. Preventing men’s hair loss by staying away from both will probably pay off. OR, if you must, just know it may cost you more hair. 

4. Stay hydrated: Water is needed for your bodily functions. It first goes to all your vital organs, with your hair follicles being the last to get water. If your body doesn’t receive enough water then there isn’t enough to reach your scalp, and your hair may become dry, brittle, and stop growing. BUT DO NOT drink water that has fluoride. Do some off the mainstream searches on this killer. In the meantime, stop it now! 

5. Treat dietary deficiencies: Check your vitamin levels and identify any deficiencies. Low levels of vitamin D, iron, and B-complex may lead to slow growth and weakened hair. Vitamin D plays an important role in the growth phase and stimulates hair follicles. Iron is vital for hemoglobin production to carry oxygen to your cells. B-complex vitamins are essential to processing protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Remember that sugars use up tons of B-Vitamins, which are essential for hair growth. Just upping most vitamins can go a long way in preventing men’s hair loss! 

6. Scalp massage: Massage your scalp for 4 minutes a day with the padded of your fingers to increase blood flow to your scalp and stimulate hair growth. If you need to scratch, use the bed of your nails, not the free edge which micro-tears the scalp. 

7. Use good quality shampoo and conditioners: Good quality shampoo and conditioners are essential to healthy hair. You will want to use natural, nourishing chemical-free products. The Men: Thin Hair Power Builder package is perfect to address all your styling needs, maximize your scalp health, and slow the progression of your thinning hair. By all means eliminate silicone, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane. For the other sneaky names, get your FREE AVOID list of Silicone hair killers. 


Genetics do play a part in hair loss, but there are many other factors that affect it and its progression over time.

Doesn’t it make sense to do at least a few of these 7 things to preventing men’s hair loss?
Once you start  noticing  increased hair shedding and thinning–(actually BEFORE), it’s important that you start taking preventative actions now.

The condition only gets worse over time if no action is taken.

And, if you think the big manufacturers want you to NOT lose hair, you have a big surprise waiting for you. They would NOT be able to sell you more high priced junk if you already had great hair. 

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Success Stories

“I’m not looking for a miracle to grow all my hair back. I just wanted to keep what have. I thought GrowOUT was working, and my girlfriend confirmed it. Even she noticed that it’s working! And, to my surprise, some of it IS growing back. Let me buy more now!“
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