Dear Alan,

I had to tell you.  My sisters and I have been so spoiled for so long with great curly hair, thanks to Belegenza.   Recently, a “friend” or actually a community member who knows my sister learned about Belegenza.  Honestly, my sister really didn’t care for her as a friend, and kept her at a distance.    About a month ago, I met her a mixer.   When she realized who I was, she started talking hair with me immediately!  She thanked me, and my sister, for making such a difference in her life!   At first I was stunned, because I only really heard my sister’s take on her and that the girl had kind of an attitude.   Within a moment, the girl gushed on about how her hair had been her nemesis, and had her freak out in social situations, especially on humid days and evenings.  As she was touching her hair, and flicking it around, she continued to go on about how Belegenza had changed her life and her attitude about herself!  She kept thanking me and my sister for the difference.   I then told her more about how I mix my EnCore Leave-In Conditioner with my Taffy, and then spritz my hair afterwards with VirgINity Hair Repair for super curls that are soft and feel awesome.   I’m sure you know, because you probably can look at her order to see that she’s stocked up on the very things that I use!

I called my sister and told her the story, and we both had to admit, that had we not known Belegenza, we might have ended up with the same insecurities about our hair as our “friend” had before her Belegenza awakening.  So, we want you to know that you’ve not only had us appreciate yours and Cheryl’s work that much more, but you also gave us an opportunity to see our friend with new eyes and have compassion for her.  Being confident and feeling pretty in a social setting knowing your hair is frizzing out takes something most don’t have.  We just hope that more girls discover Belegenza, so that they, too, can live their lives with confidence, knowing their hair is super fantastic ALL the TIME, like we and our new friend does, now!

Please share this with as many curly girls as you can so that we can increase our curly  girl world’s esteem for all!



That’s an amazing story!  Thank you.  And, stories like these are what warms our hearts.  AND, you bet we’ll share this.    By the way, would you be willing to share your “special” techniques with us?