“I have inconsistently curly hair; it’s straighter towards the front and curlier underneath and in the back. I did a Brazilian Blowout treatment 5 years ago and Simply Straight Progressive Straightener for curly hairimmediately began losing hair and still am. I’ve used the Grow Out shampoo and Romance conditioner and although it didn’t completely fix the fall out problem, it is the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve found. I’d like to try Simply Smooth but am slightly nervous to put any treatment on my hair due to my bad experience with the Brazillian blowout. I’m looking for something to control my frizz and soften my hair more than completely straighten the curl. Also, if you stop using this product, how long does it take for the hair to return to its natural state?”

Awesome report AND questions!
That you are looking for “something to control my frizz and soften my hair more than completely straighten the curl,you’ve found the perfect product! This cream works with a Vitamin C complex that softens the curl patterns, without any formaldehyde or silicone which is the foundation of treatments you’ve mentioned. Of course, as you already know, we use food grade nutrition. It will take more applications and more usage on the curliest or unruly portions, and less on the straighter parts. Once you see the progress of the curl softening, you will be more able to balance your hair texture from the front to the back. Overall, you will also have greater style longevity, as your hair will resist humidity and keep your style efforts longer! As far as permanent results, you will more than likely always add a touch at the root area as your curls grow in. To return to your completely natural state, will require growing it out, as the softening effects last long term! So, as you see that your small curl turns to medium curl, it will stay in a medium curl pattern from then on. Of course, you will see small curls again coming in at the roots if you stop using it! Isn’t that great that you can tailor it just the way you want it!?


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