Intro to Winter and Slow Hair Growth

Winter can be dreary and dismal, and depressing.

Having slow hair growth during this time only
adds to the frustration.

The cold can constrict blood vessels which can lead to decreased blood flow.

This means less oxygen and nutrients get to the hair follicles to
ensure healthy hair growth.

The winter elements can cause your skin and scalp to become dry because of the lack of natural oils.

Hair becomes dry and brittle, becoming more fragile and
easily susceptible to damage and breakage.

It’s always important to take great care of your hair and scalp, especially so during the winter months.

Continue reading to discover some important things you can do
now to help ensure healthy hair growth.

Winter and Slow Hair Growth

Here are some actions you can take now to help encourage hair growth:

1. Exercise: 
Blood circulation can increase with exercise because your heart rate increases, pumping blood more efficiently to deliver oxygen and nutrients through your body.

2. Hydrate: 
Water carries nutrients to your skin cells, and remember, your scalp is skin. Proper hydration helps with the skin’s natural regenerative process and maintains its moisture balance. Water helps moisturize skin from the inside.

3. Eat a variety of nutrient-dense foods:
Taking care of your body from the inside out is important. The
building block of your hair is keratin, which is made up of amino acids from protein. Some wonderful sources of protein are lean meats, beans, fish, eggs, dairy, kale, and asparagus.
If you are vegan, there are choices, yet stay away from soy. Otherwise, when you see your hair falling, you won’t be able to say we didn’t warn you.

Healthy fats are necessary for hair structure too. Coconut, olive, and flaxseed provide your body with long-chain polyunsaturated fats and linoleic acids, which are healthy fats. Notice soy oil is NOT on the healthy list. Fruits and vegetables are essential to provide a variety of nutrients such as vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin b5, vitamin b12, folate, zinc, and niacin. Inositol helps to improve the function of scalp cells, which can be found in nuts, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and whole grains. Avoid refined sugar as much as possible.

4. Avoid harsh products:
Only use gentle, natural, nourishing, and chemical-free hair products to nourish your hair and scalp.
There are natural remedies, such as peppermint oil, that have been shown
to promote hair growth.
To increase blood flow to the scalp, rosemary oil has been traditionally used. The small moisturizing molecules of coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil benefit the healthy of your scalp and hair growth.
Belegenza Natural Hair Care has incorporated all of these remedies and more so you don’t have to stress over which
products are the best and safest for you.
GrowOut System | 4 Part | Fast Hair Growth Package
by Belegenza contains everything
you need for your hair care regime.

5. Scalp care: 
There was a study of Japanese men, that massaged their scalp for
24 weeks, and at the end of the study they had thicker hair.
Simply, massage your scalp gently with the pads of your fingers for 4 minutes each day.
This helps increase blood flow to your hair follicles and stimulates them while decreasing tension in your scalp.

Conclusion to Winter and Slow Hair Growth

Doing all the right things for hair growth can be time consuming and a lot to remember. 

As much as we hope you can do all of them, in today’s busy world, it’s probably impossible. 
What IS possible is something we’ve done to make it
VERY easy for you and countless others who have found great results. 

The EASY thing to do is switch to GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener by Belegenza, which includes
17 trusted hair growth factors found from the leaders of hair growth worldwide! 

Rather than using ONE so-called hair growth miracle with hopes of it paying off, you can add 17 at ONE time. Not just things that sound good, but the ones touted by experts of hair growth in the world. 

How easy? 

You shampoo, right? 

Then let GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener do its job. 

Only shampoo a few times a week? 

Add GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray by Belegenza on non-shampoo days for 24/7 effectiveness!
A few bursts at the most important parts of your scalp and you’ll soon see why it’s obsessive, easy to use, and quite frankly…
exciting to use daily

There’s more, but the point is that doing all the right things takes time and a manager to remind you to get it all done day by day. 

GrowOUT System is easy! 
GrowOUT is effective. 
GrowOUT is exciting, especially when you start seeing new hairs growing in! 

Get started now. 

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We, at Belegenza, are endlessly researching ingredients to provide the best natural nourishing products for you.
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And, when it comes to new things to try for hair growth, you should be worried that the product may not work. Because each day that passes, you may be losing hairs and some of that loss can be permanent. 
So, GrowOUT by Belegenza  takes away all need for worry about safety.
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Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

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Alan & Cheryl 

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Winter and Slow Hair Growth
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