It’s so easy to be envious of someone who you think has gorgeous hair. Aren’t we all jealous of Sofia Vergara’s long, thick hair?
But is it thick or is it dense and how can you tell the difference?
If you have thick hair it means the width of a single strand is thick. But if you have dense hair it means you have an abundance of strands on your head and they are packed closely.
So how do you quantify between the two? One way is to actually count them.
On average each person has approximately 2200 strands of hair per square inch on their scalp. So count one square inch, see what you have, and figure out from there.
Another way to quantify is to look at your hair in its natural state.
Look at your dry hair, do not part it, and let it hang loose.
Can you see your scalp without moving your hair? If the answer is yes, you have low hair density. If with a little effort you see your scalp then you have medium density hair. And if doing so it is difficult or impossible to see your scalp you have high density hair.
The last way you can check the density of your hair is by using a ponytail.
When your hair is in a ponytail measure the circumference of the tail or puff. Low density is less than 2 inches, medium density 2-3 inches, and high density will be atleast 4 inches.
Keep in mind the width of each individual strand does factor into the size of your ponytail.
Now you can tell if your hair is thick or dense.
But be sure to just love your hair no matter what result you get and treat it right. Try a combination of Belegenza’s PerForm Control Styling Gel and EnCore Leave-In Conditioner to get thick hair all your friends will be jealous of. Sophia Vergara – watch out!

Alan & Cheryl