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Simply said: We make real beauty products out of natural ingredients that are based on tried and true wisdom and elements, and are informed by scientific and technological advances. Imagine being the first human to pull a vanilla bean off the vine and smelling and tasting it! Now, isn’t it delightful that you can go to the store and buy organic vanilla extract? Better yet, buy organic vanilla-flavored desserts and such? With that in mind, we’ve done the same with our approach to Belegenza products. Informed by the finest nature can offer, and refined responsibly into exquisite, effective and luxurious formulas that organically address specific beauty and grooming needs by using the advancements of science and technology to extract the most potency each ingredient has to offer! Conventional synthetics are used when the demand gets turned up really high, and it’s too expensive to manufacture a true product in the large quantities the world’s population demands. The latest phase is that of the silicon era, introduced in the ’90s. Made of silica (sand), silicones, and smaller refined derivatives have made it possible to make affordable conditioners that essentially everyone can afford. When they put 2% of a trendy extract, like argan oil (late craze), or even coconut butter, and a gorgeous label and bottle, virtually everyone can be fooled into thinking it is the new magic, and certainly can afford it. Put a celebrity behind it, or make it a beauty supply product, they can increase the price with the same cheap sandy formula. Walk the aisles of WalMart, Target, Ulta, Sephora, and even Nordstroms, and you have differing levels of conventional “cake mix beauty products.” All the same base (like a cake have eggs, flour & oil) with a tiny percentage of active ingredient (like a cake’s flavor…chocolate, coconut, etc.) Once the brand decorates the bottle, and advertising to fool you, you pay the price, either affordable or expensive. For many people, this is fine. Good products in good looking packages for cheap prices for some. Good products inexpensive packages for others who want to feel better about their conventional goods. Belegenza: real products. The real value, real ingredients that are neither cake mix products nor green-washed products that don’t perform. Organic and pure products from the “organic market” are green-washed. Dimethicone, for one, is simply a derivative of silica…sand…yes, it’s organic. It’s the base of those products. So is Cyclopentasiloxane. Get the point? Organic sand derivatives are their base! Have you been duped again? That’s cake mix and green-washing all in one…plus expensive! Belegenza: Aloe, coconut, lemon, honey, seaweed, olive, sage, rosemary. This list goes on. Food. Energizing. Compatible. Essences of these foods refined responsibly to enhance your hair and scalp. Pure, effective ingredients, with each and every part designed to deliver results you want for your hair and your life. With a commitment like this, can you see how seriously unique Belegenza products are? CUT! In Post-production from here: To be continued…stay tuned! For the delivery of products to society for the authentic expression of beauty with the responsibility to the health and wellbeing of human beings and the environment for the empowerment and satisfaction of individuals such that their individuality is empowerment and contribution to a world that works for all. In other words, to create powerful, powerful, powerful real beauty products that are compatible with human life and the planet, that leave people empowered to get on with living a beautiful life, and includes that possibility for everyone from start to finish.

Personal approach to saving the humans from the industry*

The company was founded by Alan G Eschenburg, owner of The Secret Salons in Houston, Texas. It started out as research to develop a product that would provide curative value for various beauty-product related skin and scalp conditions, and to create a topical product to eliminate skin maladies for stylists and their clients, yet surpassing professional styling standards. [greybox]“I ran out of choices…..I had to do it because I love beauty and I need safe products that work at world-class levels. I was suffering from chemicals, from other name brand companies including natural ones, but depended on them in the salon. I saw others suffering from them, too. I realized that it was up to me to do something about it, and when I did, the world started to work in my favor. Like a whirlwind, I found the property, the players, and the resources to accomplish this huge undertaking. Mostly I found my real purpose in life as I accepted the world’s gifts to go forth. I don’t always say it’s easy, but nor was inventing the light bulb, I’ve heard. I just keep on going longer than anyone else. I see the future of real beauty, and we deliver safe products now that give people their experience of all the beauty life has to offer. When you feel beautiful, and know that you’ve done all the right things, it is so satisfying. I know at the end of the day, that I did all I could in my power to do the right thing to help myself, my family, my fellow professionals, my community, and the world at large. I also appreciate that the “game” I created allows you to do that, too, whether you realize it consciously or not. I love that anyone and everyone can participate in this vision. Whether you use the products, tell your friends about Belegenza, create your own following of Belegenza users, distribute or open a store to carry Belegenza… everyone wins!” — Alan G Eschenburg Disclaimer