Spring has sprung for most by now, and Belegenza is leading the way with new growth like never before!   We’re just getting started as we line up all the changes and improvements we’ve been working on for you.

Some may have seen our new packaging on Facebook ( that which Sally Lyndley has tweaked to luxury levels that now match the product inside)!  We still are not fully repackaged, as it takes enormous resources for us to pull this off, and as you know, Cheryl and I are watching every little detail like first-time mothers, even though we’ve been in labor-pains for a few years already.

We have also birthed a new website, and even though our techies are pulling it off like champs, it has taken a while, and each day is an improvement.  Once our repackaging is done, we will introduce our newest version featuring our new luxurious packaging photos and ….well, we just can’t say yet, what else is in the works!

We are always listening to you, and as you’ve probably noticed, we are leading the way with your suggestions.  We thank you so much for all your care, business, and getting the word out about us!   We love that we are the brand that people turn to when their beauty and hair really counts.  You’ve shown us time and time again, that people love to try new things, but when it really counts, they come back to Belegenza, like the first time, every time! ( We also love that your are trying new haircuts, and finding such comfort in growing it out so quickly with GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener and GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray).

Thank you all for all your follows, updates, comments, etc.  We know you are too busy, and that you take the time to share with your friends, families and loved ones, know that we are honored and it keeps us motivated to bring you not only the new improvements, but also to continue to invent and create new products very soon  that we think you’ll love…..

Love is in the (H)air!  LOL