“Good Morning! Question for you. Since I use Simply Smooth occasionally between relaxers, is it good to

use the clarifying Ilustrious shampoo, during the times I am not using Simply Smooth? Or should I alternate between clarifying or Sulfate shampoos?”

If I understand your question, you are wondering if switching to another brand of sulfate-free shampoo is a good idea, or if you should stick to IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser.

Realize that if you switch to a sulfate free, other brand, may introduce silicones, or other soy byproducts that may get in the way of Simply Smooth’s effectiveness.

Ultimately, there really shouldn’t be anything in the way if you are using Belegenza exclusively, so “clarifying” is unnecessary. IF, though, you want to feel like you are getting a completely fresh new start, here’s our recipe!

● To cleanse the hair, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 oz of  IlLustrious shampoo
● leave the mixture in the hair for about 1-3 minutes
then  rinse.

This can be done once a month to help remove any buildup from hair products and to clarify the hair.

Sodium bicarbonate is the formal name for what is commonly known as baking soda, bread soda, cooking soda or bicarbonate of soda. According to the Royal Ontario Museum, its use goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, who used a mixture consisting mostly of sodium carbonate decahydrate and sodium bicarbonate as a powerful cleansing agent.

Baking soda is a strong alkali with a pH of 9.0 on average. High-alkali products open up the cuticles of the hair and cause hair to absorb so much water that the shaft might weaken and or break, so be very kind to your hair as you softly massage the hair trying to move from scalp to ends in a pulling motion, rather than a ruffling, around-like motion. Once you rinse really well, counteract this treatment (alkaline) by immediately using RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment to normalize the pH (back to 4.5-5.5) of the hair. Then use Simply Smooth with its very low pH (4.5), to strengthen the hair even more for perfect styling!

Did I get your question right?


Alan G Eschenburg Isn’t it time to feed your hair, now?