Switching back and forth between brands of shampoos for hair growth may cause more problems than meet the eye! 
The advantages you THINK you might be getting may be getting wiped out by hidden ingredients in the “recipe!” 

Today’s hair growth products are typically done in a basic “recipe.”

The focus ingredient, like minoxidil, is added to a shampoo “recipe.” 

Each brand has its focus ingredient which may or may not work

Like a recipe for a cake, let’s say…. the focus ingredient is used to flavorize the cake recipe. 

Cake….usually made with flour, eggs, and sugar is then flavorized with a focus ingredient, like chocolate or lemon or whatever. 

Shampoos are similar.
Water, surfactant/detergent/soap/sls, silicone and flavorized with a focus ingredient, like minoxidil, peppermint, argan, etc. 

Part of the problem is that the benefits of the focus ingredient are sabotaged by the recipe ingredients…the surfactant/detergent/soap/sls and especially the  silicone! 

They dry the follicles, scalp, and cover them with the side effects of silicone which is a coating. 

This coating hinders and impedes hair growth. 

So, when you find the shampoo that really works (more about what really works, coming up), to switch between it and another brand is sabotaging your hair growth efforts. 

Ideally, a truly hair-growth-encouraging product is FREE of all the nasties that coat the hair, scalp and follicles. 

Once your scalp and follicles are FREE of silicones, acrylates(plastics), heavy oils including coconut oil, parabens, PABA, and more ( free list of culprits to avoid ), your hair has its natural chances to grow like it did when you were younger. 

And, as much as it seems that you will be getting more results from another promising brand, switching does a cascade of bad things to interrupt your hair growth efforts! 


What do we mean? 


“Cake mix recipes” of shampoos that are silicone based mean well

It’s just that they are NOT set up to allow your follicles to get clear and clean of what your follicles are starving for. 

The coatings latch onto your scalp and cover your follicles and they are not easy to get rid of. 

So, let’s say, you’ve been using a top product that gently and effectively removes impurities like siliones and all the nasties, and your hair is now growing robustly again. 
It probably takes a full 30 days to get it all off. 

THEN, you apply conventional nasties with a promising focus ingredient laced in a nasties-based product, those silicones, plastics, oils, etc. are toxifying your scalp, follicles and hair, and will cake up to smother your hair growth again. 

What’s even worse, is that this coating will take another 30 days to get rid of! 

So, then you go back to a top product that frees your follicles and hair growth….

BUT, it’s got to start at the beginning, again! 

It’s got to take another 30 days to get rid of the nasties before it can really get past the mess that the conventional brand made! 

So, anyone can see that switching in this case is BAD news! 

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