There’s a lot of power in specialization. 

Yet, it’s something that we resist, due to wanting to be everything to everyone. 

We’re afraid of missing out on the “others” for whom we don’t specialize

The truth is….that’s not the truth

By specializing in something, you automatically get top-of-mind in whatever it is and command respect and attract those who are most interested in the benefits you offer. PLUS, others will naturally (and eagerly) gravitate towards you, where nobody else will be trusted or good enough (in their minds).

An example would be a brain surgeon versus a general practitioner. 

Who has more command

Who has more credibility

Who will YOU go to if you (God forbid) ever have a brain tumor? 

The point is obvious. 

When we started Belegenza, (Cheryl & Alan) our specialization was that it had to be silicone free. 

All major companies had depended on silicone for shine, thermal protection and covering up the extreme damage that was happening to hair. 
They were thrilled with their results, because it was an obvious visual improvement on hair and silicone is super cheap! That left them with more profits and a larger budget to hire celebrities to represent them! 

Unfortunately, due to silicone’s lack of long-term side effects studies, a blind eye was turned on the dangers it poses to their customers. 

We realized that there was a multitude of issues that made sense, as we put a few things together. 

We all know that in the past few decades, transdermal medications have gotten more popular. This means that when a drug (or substance) is molecularly small enough, it can be absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream. 

We also know that back in the 90’s when silicone breast implants were leaking, it was causing horrific illnesses and health complications. They were taken off the market and replaced with saline. BUT, the proof was seen in a great number of women with intense medical conditions. Even death. 

So, as the 90’s rolled on, silicones were manipulated even further and those molecules became VERY small and were made the standard for hair products.

Small molecules on skin and scalp.

Could this be absorbed? 

Apparently so. 

In 2006, a study was mandated by the F*D*A.
It tested women with and without breast implants.
Each group was found to have silicones in their vital organs!

How did it get there? 

However it got there…. we made it our mission to eliminate silicones (and new smaller versions/derivatives)  from the industry! 

And, that’s how Belegenza came to be the world’s first and finest silicone free luxury hair and skin care products! 

With many years of research and development, we found a way to accomplish what all other companies considered impossible. 

Belegenza–Food-grade ingredients that perform better than
the finest high-end salon products in the world….! 

Soon thereafter, the calls and emails started rolling in asking us why
their hair was growing faster! 

We didn’t set out for that, but everyone was thrilled! 

So, that began our specialization in the area of longer, stronger, thicker and faster growing hair! 

Since then, we reviewed what we had done to find the secret we had discovered. 

From there, we ramped up the successful things we discovered, and now, as they say, the rest is history! 


We continue to specialize and increase results because of
our obsessed users who demand the very best. 

They trust Belegenza because of our pure and nasties-free approach. 

They love that Belegenza does what no other company can do for them.

They love the consistency and that
they can depend on Belegenza  for increasing their hair quality and quantity, their attractiveness, their confidence, and more. 

Ultimately, we can say we specialize in hair, hair growth, satisfaction & power! 

Your Trusted Brother and Sister Hair Growth Specialists, 

Alan & Cheryl 

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