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Sunny? OverEasy? Careful…. GrowOUT

Do you have what they call protein overload which makes your hair dry and break??

We’re about to blow your mind.

Protein Overload is a myth that was created to sell moisturizers!

There are hundreds of reasons for dry, brittle hair, so generally it’s easy to sell a moisturizer.

BUT, when the moisturizer is not quite doing the trick, master mass-marketers introduced and started saying it’s Protein Overload and you have to stop protein and get more moisture.

While the needing moisture might be true, the ” protein overload  “is not quite accurate.

As you know, Cheryl and I love our foods.

We built Belegenza from our philosophy of ” if we could feed hair like we feed our pie-holes, we’d be in business!”

So, in the spirit and truth of food and cooking….let’s imagine hair as an egg.

The white is the protein, right?

The yolk is the emulsifying oil suspension. (This is the golden secret of hair growth, too…more about that, later!) 

A hard-boiled (hard-cooked) egg is just what is describes.  Hard.

But let’s take it a bit further.

Let’s cook and egg in oil.  You know. Sunny side up or over-easy.

If you cook it in super hot oil the edges of the white/proteins turn brown and crunchy, right? (When I worked as a breakfast restaurant waiter in high-school, those kind of eggs were called Sunny Side Up With Lace, or Over Easy with Lace! LOL!)

If you don’t like the lace, you have to reduce the heat and extend the time a bit.

So, before we go too far with this analogy, let’s stick to the “lace” and how protein overload does not add up.

You say ‘my hair is dry and breaking.’  (…usually too much heat on the ends, chemicals, or combination thereof)

They say you need protein.

You buy a protein conditioner and those unbalanced silk, wheat, pea, sea, etc., proteins latch onto the holes of the lace to fill them up a bit. 
AND, they hang on by virtue of a silicone glue-like stuff.

Feels better, right?

But then after a few applications, the proteins are latching onto each other
like sticks and twigs of proteins, and the dry feeling is back!

So, your hair’s crunchy lace is now coated with protein twigs all through the ends and also on the outer layer (cuticle) of each strand.

Bam!!!…. Protein Overload!

Even trying to introduce some moisture to the hair is impossible in most cases, because the core of your hair is covered in the twiggy, sticky protein mess.

Sounds like it’s time for a protein overload detox, right?

Not so easy, because unless you have products that know how to BALANCE the correct proteins and moisture, it’s just a festival of “trying”
*silicone base after
*non-protein base after
*argan myth after
*keratin myth after
*miracle-oil-of-the-day confusion.

The only winner is the company who did the best marketing to get your money!

The loser?

Your hair.

Especially the ends of “lace,”  as they continue to break and split.

If you found a product, like Belegenza, that could softly organize the twigs of proteins, the “lace” of your dry ends and cuticle, and do so in a way that allowed
deep moisture and strength to your hair, would that sound like
something you want?

If so, we’ve got great news for you!

Belegenza’s trio of experts found a way to blend perfectly nutrition, strength, moisture, shine and performance of these that exceed expectations on any human hair!

Reaching back to proven botanical sources, refining them and extracting the key portions via tomorrow’s technology, this BALANCED blend makes its way into your hair in less than 30 days of regular use!

Now, that sounds like something you want, right? 


Belegenza has done all the work for you! 

Belegenza dispels the myths of protein overload and more.

Belegenza instills the perfect blend each time you use it as the “other promises” get dismantled gently and the perfect balance of ingredients make their way into your hair ( and follicles ) for maximum results.

Even though we say 30 days, you’ll notice a difference on the very first application

and that Belegenza does what it promises!

You may still need to have the SEVERE lace from protein overload trimmed away, but from then on, the Belegenza WAY will make “lace” a thing of the past.

  • You now have hair that responds.
  • You now have hair that exudes the look of health.
  • You now have hair that commands compliments, even from strangers.
  • You now have more confidence and power to get on with your life and your special events!
  • You want this and more, and that’s what you’ll get with Belegenza!

Of course, some like the excitement of trying new things all the time, so
we can satisfy you this time.

And, if you are one who thinks the new products of next year might work better than
by all means, give them a try.

We bet you’ll be back… like countless others!

Because…..  this is why we have such a devout following.…. they always
remember to come back to Belegenza, because it works….like the first time…every time!

Of course, you might be one who has been on a lifelong search, and Belegenza Natural Hair Care wins your heart from the very first time.   
If this is you,
welcome to the world of knowing that
“Life is Easier with Awesome Hair!”

And, to everyone in between, it’s up to you.

Try or don’t try.

Just remember though, that each time you see those eggs with or without lace, you’ll remember that
your hair can and will always benefit from Belegenza Natural Hair Care.

(Wait til we explain how the liquid yolk vs. the bad hard yolk difference is a key to the healthiest hair possible! Don’t eat the WRONG yolks! Another subject for another time!)

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Your Favorite Brother Sister Protein Balanced Hair Experts,

Cheryl and Alan

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protein overload... read this now.

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