If you want excellent health for your hair along with your body, reach for berries.
Berries just happen to be rich in vitamins that promote hair growth.
Vitamin C, an antioxidant, is in berries and can help protect your hair follicles against damage from free radicals.
Vitamin C has an additional benefit. It helps your body produce collagen.
Why is collagen good?
It is a protein that strengthens your hair and adds elasticity to help prevent it from becoming brittle and breaking.
We think that is important, don’t you?
Some of Kate Hudson’s favorite foods are rice, beans, lentils, low mercury fish, beautiful salads, some nuts, BLUEBERRIES & RASPBERRIES, and all kinds of vegetable dishes.
 Don’t you think Kate is looking good and that includes her hair!
So need a delicious, beneficial snack —- grab for berries just like Kate!
If you want to be sure to add some more strength to your hair reach for RoMANce Deep  Conditioning Treatment by Belegenza.
With RoMANce,
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Your Favorite Brother & Sister Hair Moisturizing Experts,
Alan & Cheryl
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