Once upon a time, there was a bunch of caustic chemicals in pretty bottles sold across the land, called the Beauty Industry.

One day, after suffering another allergic reaction to a popular hair gel, Alan turned to Cheryl and asked, “What do you think we could do to remove the allergens and replace them with something that would make hair look better than ever and would be safe on sensitive scalps and skin?”

And, so, the story of Belegenza began.

It had gotten to the point after many years of using the top brands of hair products on clients and models on stages across the world that my hands were actually so raw and bloody, it became impossible to do hair!

I had developed scarring from the chemical allergies I had developed by using mainstream brands. Literally having to wear band-aids on the broken skin, itching terribly, and ongoing skin swelling EVERY day for years, I was about to give up my career as a Platform Artist (a celebrity stylist who demonstrated live hair techniques to salon professionals worldwide at trade shows and advance education classes).

When I realized what it was doing to me, I began to wonder what poisons were in our industry, and felt guilty for what I might be subjecting my clients to as well on a slow and methodical basis.

As Cheryl and I were overeating one day (Yes, closet overeaters…no judgement, please), and she was trying to figure out a pharmaceutical cure for my plight (her background as a pharmaceutical compounding tech), we laughed and agreed that it would be awesome if we could just make great products that out-performed (at that time Kerastasse) the best synthetic products on the market out of FOODS!!!

WE finished our pizza, ice cream and cookies and chocolate and chips and started to research what might be possible.

We combed the world for what works in each culture for hair care, translated properties of chemicals into food-based ingredients, and with an unstoppable fervor, pulled everything together with the expertise of our world class chemist, who was the only person who could translate fully our impossible dream into a reality!

It’s no wonder we get unprecedented results heralded by the finest in the world. Those who demand the best for their hair and follicles trust Belegenza!

Alan & Cheryl