We can hardly keep quiet about what we’re working on NOW.  We have been approached by a world renowned scientist, who has unlocked a new category of botanical ingredients and extracts, that will revolutionize the beauty and food world as we know it.

Due to the sensitive and proprietary nature of our work, we will only be speaking/writing about this in a very particular way so as to keep our sources private.  Many of you know that we are the company that introduced the “Silicone Free” Concept to the world of beauty, and the whole industry has turned on a dime to try to beat us to the punch.  They try, but still, there are NO products that match or surpass our purity and performance combination.  Many try, and do a greater job of marketing, but when you break it down, we still are truly silicone free, AND we deliver superior results.

So, those watching, will be trying to find out the new secrets, but we will only be sharing bits and pieces, and of course, the final product when it has truly surpassed even ours ( and our focus group customers’) expectations!


In the meantime, we will be fund raising with Dick Van Dyke’s heartfelt project, The Midnight Mission!  See you there!