Ladies – have you hit middle age and started noticing your hair is thinner?

Are you panicked — yes.


But know you’re not alone. 


Even your favorite “Friends” stars Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox have had to deal with this!

It turns out by “that time,”
most people’s hair becomes finer as the diameter of an individual hair follicle decreases. Thus, the hair it produces gets smaller, too! 

Also, when hair falls out at the end of its life cycle,
a higher percentage of those follicles remain in their resting phase instead of reactivating to generate new hair.

Of the ones that do reactivate, the hair they produce tends to have a shorter life cycle. And because of that it becomes hard to maintain a longer hairstyle. 

So ladies, by the time your reach your 60s,
most of you will have thinner hair with less body. 

This will cause many of you to cut your hair shorter. That certainly is an option and it’s your choice for what you do, but that’s not what we recommend, especially when you see the results GrowOUT
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On top of hair thinning in middle age, menopause will hit you.
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Alan & Cheryl


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