We all have bad habits.

But as we know, bad habits usually lead to damage of some kind.

Do you have the habit of tugging, pulling, twirling, or rubbing your head or hair? It seems Mariah Carey does.

If you pay attention you’ll notice in most photos she has her hands on her hair.

Good or not good?

Well, pulling, tugging, rubbing, twirling constantly can contribute to breakage and hair loss if done over a period of time.

Just think about it.

By continually pulling on the strands of your hair, you’re weakening the follicles in which they are anchored!

And let’s not even start with your hands.

No matter how clean you think they are they still carry sweat, dirt, and oils that add to buildup on your hair.

If may sound silly but try keeping your hands busy.

Play with a fidgety toy or clench your fists.

Do what you need to do to stop playing with your hair.

Hands off — you too Mariah!

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