So many things in your life can affect your hair. 
We all used to think it was just the products we used on our hair.
Now we know so much more.
Diet is a factor, as is lack of sleep.
What about stress?
Yes, stress can and does affect your hair.
So, in order to manage stress, it might be good to look into some ways to get rid of it. 
Exercise will help.
Cardio is good.
If you’re not a fan of cardio
there are other forms of exercise
to choose from.
If you want something a little slower paced why not try yoga.
It will relieve stress and strengthen your muscles.
Madonna has been a fan for a long time.
She has been doing yoga for 25 years and is often approached by other celebrities for her tips and expertise.
Wouldn’t you agree the breathing techniques alone in yoga are a benefit.
It’s all about cleansing.
Did you know that cleansing your follicles of silicone and other nasties is beneficial for your hair?
By using Belegenza’s Illustrious Shampoo, along with our Romance Conditioning Treatment,
you are cleansing your follicles,
better than a yoga session.
This leads to greater hair growth.
Who doesn’t want greater hair growth?!
Add all these things together and
you will be on a path of less stress and
in turn better hair
with the Belegenza way.


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Your Favorite Brother & Sister Yoga Loving Hair Growth Experts, 

Alan & Cheryl