Yes, we admit it. We are obsessed with hair, beauty, food, and legends.

We say it with the name of our company,  Belegenza, which has dual meanings:  Being a legend in your own time, and The genesis of Beauty.  Cheryl’s and my obsession with food was part of Belegenza’s beginning.  Gorging away on our delicious dinner AND desserts galore, we started talking about the possibility of food being the answer to perfectly conditioned hair!  Our driven nature lead us to create patent-pending food-grade products, all silicone and “nasties” free.   As our products were getting known, we found out that many celebrities and their personal stylists were loving what we were doing!  From there, we started getting invitations to work with the finest hairstylists in New York City, and word of mouth among them has taken us “to the red carpet!”

We feel super-honored to be trusted by the best of the best stylists, and we pinch ourselves sometimes to make sure we are awake.   We are having so much fun, and when we think it can’t get any better, another opportunity pops up!  Recently, we were invited to the Social Slam Selfie Awards, headlined by Midnight Red event in Los Angeles.   Truthfully, we didn’t even know really what it was all about, but said yes, given the line-up and then started learning what it would take to mingle with Social Media Stars!   Oscar Awards, Emmy Awards, GoldeIMG_20141024_160540 Alexis Joy Alan Eschenburg La Mason du macaron Belegenzan Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, MTV Awards, Teen Choice Awards and all bring out the legends of entertainment, and we are completely in awe of these celebrities, their supporters, managers, agents, and the huge cast of production geniuses.  This Social Slam Selfie Awards event intrigued us.  We knew that there were social media superstars, but not until we met them face to face did we realize how extraordinary these guys and gals are!

Like we say in our name, beauty and legends are what we are about, and did we meet up with beauty and legends in the making!   Like entertainers, they each had their own style, and expertise, and as we met them, we kept thinking, “can it get any better than this social superstar?” So, we are just going to introduce to you these amazing leaders in social media one at a time in this blog, and will continue to celebrate them on our website as quickly as we can get things posted!  (Remember, they are the stars of social media, and we are still obsessed with making great hair products and spend most of our time in the labs and test salon, so don’t expect us to keep up with their pace of getting all the information about them out quickly! LOL!)

All that to say…..   INTRODUCING Celebrity News Correspondent, Alexis Joy, of AlexisJoyVIPAccess!!!

Cheryl and I met Alexis briefly at the Social Slam Selfie Awards, and then I had the auspicious invitation to be interviewed by Alexis in New York City.  Here she is hosting me at La Mason du Macaron, seeing me through the “macaroon lens!”   I can hardly say enough about her, and will just go with my inner voice for a moment….  “This gal must be psychic  that she knows I looove macaroons.  Her emails were sooo eloquent, and I thought that people her age only wrote and spoke in 140 characters or less. She must be studying creative writing because I’ve not seen so many adjectives in the emails she’s sent me,  and her excitement jumps off the page.  I thought “like” was an adjective for most people, and “awesome” is used so much that everything indescribable is relegated to this flat-line description. How old is she? She looks so young, yet she’s so seasoned and professional.  She’s elegant in her mannerisms and that gracious smile only seen on the silver screen!….”    IMG_20141024_160413 Alexis Joy Alan Eschenburg La Mason du macaron Belegenza

Well, the evening was off the charts.  The best way to describe the meeting was that she listened not just with her ears, but with her heart and her eyes!  Her interview, which will be posted soon,  was kind, gentle, intense, and soulful, and she seemingly pulled the words out of my head, making me feel like celebrity myself!

I did ask her what her future is, and immediately, Alexis  told me of her aspirations, saying, “I was compared to Oriana Fallaci. My number one role model is Maria Menounos – my dream is to be like her!” After a very few minutes, I have no doubt Alexis will achieve her goal!

I also asked how she got everything done on a daily basis and with the most charming twinkle in her eyes Alexis said, “I don’t really sleep..”  As far as I can tell, people who seek their passions and follow their hearts seem to not require much sleep, as they are all about doing what lights them up and turns them on!

I can hardly wait myself to see the interview we did, and I’ll let you know as soon as it posts.  In the meantime, I recommend you follow Alexis in all her forms of media, because I am not the same as a result of our brief time together.   I am inspired to be better in all aspects of my life, simply out of hanging with her over macaroons, and oh, by the way, her mom, Joy, who is humbly magnificent!  (Behind every great man, is a powerful woman is what we say, and in this case, it should be… Behind every great woman is a powerful woman!)  Alexis has new ideas and projects coming soon, yet if you are interested in who’s on the red carpet, who are the social superstars, fantastic fashion tips, red-carpet-ready hair and makeup tips and secrets, and just want to feel inspired, Alexis is your leading young lady and legend in the making! (By the way, her hair was sublime, and to my delight, she confessed it was Belegenza!)

Here’s her info… follow Alexis now!