The average adult human body is made of 50-65% water. 
You look in the mirror and think no way. But it’s true. 
So doesn’t it makes sense that drinking water can benefit your body and subsequently your hair. 
It turns out that water IS the root source of energy for all the cells in our body which includes cells that are responsible for our hair growth. 
Water nurtures cells and provides them required hair vitamins. 
Water activates photosensitive nerve endings which are at the roots of our hair and scalp. This enhances the natural vitality of our hair roots. 
Doesn’t it all make sense now that we flock to the ocean and to lakes and rivers. 
Surfing, water skiing, boating. Heck, we even skate on it when it’s frozen and cut holes in it to fish. 
Water truly is life, for our skin, hair, and health. 
Alan & Cheryl