Is it time for trying something new, or refine what’s already working?

We use trends and fashions to influence, rather than to become cookie cutters of what the others are doing, which can challenge our creativity even more.  How does one look fantastic and up to date, yet uniquely individual?

The real question for each of us might be, “What is working about my style?”

Do you look best with shoulder length or  longer or shorter hair?  Do you look best with cool tones of hair color or warm or reds?

Do you tend to look better with bangs, or one length parted on the side?

These are just a few questions to do an inventory on the past to see that there may really be some design elements that simply WORK with your face shape and body type.

From there, when you get clear on the design elements, then it’s time to interject a few trendy or new fashion ideas.

Maybe you look best with side swept bang, but you’ve done it so long it seems old and boring.  Maybe now, it’s time to do a little color to give it a facelift into the trend?

What works about your style, and what could you do different to refine your look?


P.S. Though you may not like the look, Liza Minelli showed her expertise at knowing what works for Liza on the Red Carpet at the Oscars 2014!  Her signature look with that shock of blue definitely makes my point!

P.P.S. By the way, have some fun trying things again!  GrowOut  lets you do that again! Grow it, cut it, and growout again and again!