Learn From Lady Gaga: Yoga & Hair Growth

As we all know, exercising is just good for your body and yoga is one such form of exercise that you can benefit from.

Yoga involves all kinds of movements and works to bring harmony between your mind and body.

Did you know Lady Gaga is a commited yogi and says yoga makes her feel like she can do anything?

But are you also aware that certain forms of exercises can aid in the
healthy hair growth?

Neck exercises happen to be one such form and one that is easy to do.

It turns out stretching your neck muscles relieves tension and stress in the surrounding muscles.

This can aid in hair growth.

Doing something as simple as side to side and front to back movements with your head will improve blood circulation to your follicles for hair growth

And we know the link between blood circulation on your scalp and

hair growth!

Here is what to do:

Stand straight with your hands relaxed on the sides.

Now, slowly bend your head forward and bring it back, extending it as much as possible.
Bend your head sideways, stretching on each side for at least 10 seconds.

It’s that simple.

So if yoga isn’t your cup of tea like it is for Lady Gaga you can do something as simple as neck exercises to improve your body, and hair.

Now don’t you feel better?!

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Learn From Lady Gaga: Yoga & Hair Growth
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