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Belegenza’s Alan and Cheryl Talk About “A-List:Hair Growth!

A-List Hair Growth

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Belegenza Naturals:
For anyone preparing for their “red carpet events, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.”

The Clothing Stylist said to us…”Sweeeetieeeee, don’t bother with the B-list. If your celebs aren’t A-listers it’s a waste of time for Belegenza.”

Of course, as a Vogue and you-name-it A-Lister Clothing Stylist with an unending budget, her advice was spot on.
But that didn’t stop us. 

In those days, we didn’t even have 2 nickels to rub together after spending every dollar we could scrape up into creating Belegenza’s breakthrough concept and formulations.

In fact, the credit card companies forbid us to rub our cards together, they were so maxed out!
But, that still didn’t stop us. 

In fact, we got introduced to the Red Carpet celebs via Eva Longoria’s NY hairstylist, who fell in love with Belegenza and invited us to a joint venture in 2008 for the Oscars to prep their celeb cast for the Academy Awards!   It was a turning point for Belegenza!

That was January, and by September, we were regulars at
–the Grammy’s,
–People’s Choice,
–MTV Awards,
–BET Awards
–and part of the prep circuit for years.

From there, we (Alan & Cheryl) were invited to sets, backstage events, and as you’ve probably seen… our photo on the Red Carpet for the Hair & Makeup Awards in 2015…hosted by Johnny Depp!  

Well, all that to say, we worked with everyone from A-List to B-List
to Wanna-B-List to Fell-off-the List, to Never-Near-the-List.

Well, during the “lockdown” our Hollywood folks were locked up, too!

We had hairstylists complaining they had no work and essentially it all went wonky.

EXCEPT, our so-called B-Listers!
We love almost all our celebs! (some are just mean…another story for later),
but here’s how the fight with our Clothing Stylist ended.

During the lockdown, did you notice that Hallmark Channel kept filming?
Suddenly, our A-Listers were home, and our B-Listers were working! 

Sweeeetiiieeeeeee….. we’re still in business with our B-Listers!

In fact, we find that our B-Listers pay even MORE attention to having their best hair possible, especially under the camera “microscope!”

So, this is why we especially love our B-Listers and still love
our Devil-Wears-Prada Clothing Stylist.
In her defense, that was the ONLY thing she ever got wrong…in her life!

So, making it up the celeb chain has further made Belegenza formulas beyond extraordinary!

In a world where celebs have their choice of ANY products in the world, we still serve them the best!

It sounds a bit arrogant, but you understand. In life, when you know you’ve made it, sometimes you have to toot your own horn.

Where we get our main satisfaction, though, is when we hear from a REAL person, like you, who lets us know their hair has exceeded their expecations, that they’ve gotten their hair back after chemo, that they didn’t have to chop their hair off after a bad color job because we repaired it and story after story!

So, let’s put your hair on the Better-Than-Awesome-Hair-List!

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Your Trusted Brother & Sister Better-Than-Awesome-Hair-List Hair Growth Experts,


Stevie Wilson,
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And, from Alan & Cheryl: 
You put the A in A-List, Stevie!! Thank you! 

Coming soon:  Our 1st Official Oscar Interview with Stevie Wilson backstory!