We’ve always said a healthy you leads to healthy hair


Three balanced meals a day is hard work but can be done. 


Breakfast is definitely a great way to start the day. If it is ok to skip–that will always be debated. 


There are celebs that never skip. 


Justin Timberlake, according to “Bon Apetit”, eats two breakfasts. His first one consists of waffles with flax and almond butter and a scrambled egg.
Then after a workout Justin will have a hard-boiled egg or a protein shake for his second breakfast!


Carrie Underwood eats Kashi cereal every morning. 


But now research is suggesting a link between a balanced breakfast and optimal nutrition.  


So basically, it’s possible the amount of energy needed to process a meal is higher in the morning — showing a potential link to breakfast eaters burning more calories overall. 


Data still needs to be collected but it does get you thinking, right?
More time will give us more data and a definitive answer. 


If, however, you do skip food,

and if having breakfast is good for hair growth or not,

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Justin Timberlake & Carrie Underwood’s Start in Growth-Hair Intentions