Junk Food and Hair Growth : The Right Food for Hair

It’s fun to eat junk food once in while… especially when you live on a clean , delicious, gourmet diet and lifestyle!

Like computer folks say:

Garbage in = Garbage out.

Like my beauty school instructor taught me from the beginning….

“Alan, everything you’ll need to know you’ll find out from the people in your chair in the beauty shop!”

Well, here’s one for the record.

It seems that the LAST place people look to have great hair is their diet, lifestyle or food for hair.

Where do we look first?





Hair replacements.

Hair transplants.

Overnight Growth Products.


Blame it on parents and genetics.

Blame it on medications.

The very last place?


Here’s the deal.

Your follicles are the factory of hairs.

Those follicles use building blocks delivered by the blood supply.

The building blocks are made from the things a person eats, drinks, and takes (like meds or vitamins, etc.)

When you eat garbage, you grow garbage hair.


It’s been said.

Maybe the reason so many products don’t work is that you’ve already sabotaged the process by eating, drinking and taking garbage.

We get results for people.

We not only add more than 17 trusted extracts for hair growth in just the GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray, we make sure it’s in a base that is good for you scalp as well.

Where else is garbage?  The nasties. (What are the nasties? Click, here.)

Major brands, organics, and naturals are laden with nasties, because it is simply too expensive to use completely food-grade extracts.

At Belegenza, you pay for the ingredients.

And, yes, they are expensive.

With big brands, you pay for celebrities, commercials, ads in magazines, social media influencers, fancy packaging, distribution costs, store shelving fees, product placement fees…..   etc., etc.

If you like spending money on things like that, we understand.

But when you want results…. at Belegenza, this is what you are buying.

You are buying ingredients.

You are buying ingredients that work.

You are buying food for hair!

It’s no wonder why we have obsessed customers who are getting results with Belegenza.

Is it time to treat yourself to the best?

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Junk Food and Hair Growth : The Right Food for Hair

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Junk Food and Hair Growth : The Right Food for Hair


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