Having great hair means working the balance so
you achieve optimum hair health.

It’s definitely a secret that our
favorite stars like Jennifer Lopez and Chris Hemsworth know.

It turns out your hair is about 70% keratin (a type of protein).

Knowing that, you might think
your hair just needs protein to be healthy. 

That’s not the case. It turns out it is a balance of moisture and protein that your hair desires

Moisture quenches the dry hair
and protein gives your hair strength.

Too little protein or moisture can cause a problem for your hair since it IS a delicate balance

On the flip side an abundance of protein can also cause your hair problems because it will rob your hair of its elasticity

Elasticity allows you to manipulate your hair without it breaking.

Your hair should be able to stretch and not break immediately.

Swaying in either direction, too much or too little protein, can be detrimental to your hair.

Both Jennifer and Chris work this balance and so can you. 

PerForm Control Styling Gel by Belegenza will help you to achieve that balance and along with that great hair.

It contains Hawaiian, Gulf, and Red Mapleweed Seaweed extracts, discovered in pristine ocean waters.

These extracts provide unique springy protein complexes that help keep your hair bouncy and in place even when humidity and heat are at their worst. (Wait til you see how PerForm Gel bounces in your hands as you apply!…It’s no wonder it adds so much body and control to hair!)

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Your Trusted Brother & Sister Great Hair Experts, 


Alan & Cheryl

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