Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker (formerly Simply Straight)

Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is a unique food-grade fusion that smoothes curls and frizz over time. The more you use Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker, the more smoothing. Our formula is excellent for controlling multi-textured curl patterns, and superior humidity protection on all types of hair. Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is a natural adjunct to harsh chemical relaxers, keratins and smoothing treatments. Formaldehyde-free, thio-free, sodium hydroxide-free, silicone-free, and paraben-free, it is safe enough for children and sensitive types.

How to use:

For gentle smoothing:

  1. Apply small amount of Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker as a styling cream.
  2. Style as usual with heat.

For faster progressive smoothing:

  1. Apply product generously to wet hair.
  2. Comb into straight position.
  3. Secure hair with elastic.
  4. Leave in hair for at least 3 hours.
  5. Rinse well. Shampoo with IlLustrious Shampoo.
  6. Follow with RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment.
  7. Reapply small amount of Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker.
  8. Blow-dry and/or flat-iron hair.

You may notice:

Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is a gentle smoothing process, which smoothes the curl structure and takes up to 30 applications to get full results. Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is very gentle and effective. Remember, that your new hair growth keeps coming, so once desired effect is achieved on mid-shaft, continue to apply to new growth and/or problem areas.

Use with other products:

Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker can be used with EnCore Leave-In Conditioner and/or VirgINity Hair Repair for extra conditioning and protection against heat. EnCore should be applied first, before Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker.  VirgINity should be applied after Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker.