How to Prepare for Chemo Hair Loss

How to Prepare for Chemo Hair Loss

According to the NIH, in their article

“Adjustment to Cancer: Anxiety and Distress”

Patients living with cancer feel many different emotions, including anxiety and distress.

  • Anxiety is unease, fear, and dread caused by stress.
  • Distress is emotional, mental, social, or spiritual suffering. Patients who are distressed may have a range of feelings, from sadness and a loss of control to depression, anxiety, panic, and isolation.

Patients may have anxiety and distress when:

  • Being screened for cancer.

  • Waiting for test results.

  • Hearing a cancer diagnosis.

  • Being treated for cancer.

  • Worrying that cancer will recur (come back).

From a medical standpoint, the above is true. 

But how do you really make a difference? 

As Stylists and Hair Growth Experts, we want you to see a few more pieces to this puzzle. 

It may have you see something from another perspective that will help along the way to relieving some of the anxiety and stress, and may probably give you some better odds at keeping and/or restoring your hair better. 

How to Prepare for Chemo Hair Loss.

So, let’s back up and set the stage. 

As Sophia from the “Golden Girls” would say…. “Picture it..” 

Chemo and or radiation is about to begin. 

You’re frightened. 

You’re dreading it. 

You’re wondering how it really is going to be. 

By the way, it might even end up that you need some surgery. 

All of this is ALARMING, stressful and causes loads of anxiety. 

Not only that, some may wonder in the background… “Why me?” 

Your follicles are “thinking”… hmm. I’ve been short on hair building supplies. 

Have we been put on another fancy “diet?” 

Or is it just that the cancer cells are eating up all the nutrition to rampantly grow their colonies of cancer tissue? 

Either way, your follicles have not been up to snuff. Not because of not wanting to, but because the building blocks are just not up to abundant levels. 

Then, BOOM. The diagnosis! 

Adrenaline rush added to the supply. 

Blood rushing, 

Blood pressure rising, 

Fear hormones abounding, 

Terror sets in and what little B vitamins might have been left in the body to handle stress is now rushing to the exits, leaving you feeling like you’ve been kicked in the stomach and head! 

The follicles, in shock,  wonder why all of a sudden the slow hair building supply chain practically stops. 

Though chemo, radiation, surgery, preparations and such need to happen quickly, it seems like a blur. 

It is during this time that the dial on the hair follicles’ production goes to super low levels. 

It’s no wonder that by the time the chemo gets in there to kill any rapidly dividing cells that the hair just can’t do its job. 

(Chemo kills rapidly dividing cells. Those which replicate in 12 – 72 hours, such as cancer cells, and our sweet little baby hair follicles.) 

BUT, maybe this is why some people just DON’T lose all their hair during chemo. 

Maybe they have done the right things in preparation. 

You know, like the old adage “the straw that broke the camel’s back?” 

Let’s assume that the straw that breaks the hair follicles’ backs is chemo. 

Maybe if attention is paid to the other things BEFORE chemo, you can lessen the chances of full chemo hair loss! 

It’s certainly worth a try, right? 

Get this. 

We have a page that shows “12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Thinning Hair Reversed.” Click now and print your FREE copy if you value your hair. 

Another HUGE thing to do is kind of “Tree Hugger Kumbaya Feel Good” baloney…. but let’s say it and see what happens. 

We have a few ways of saying it, and this seems to do it for most. 

In the case of chemo, you have chosen to do it. 

If that is so, you will go through it, right? 

Will being UN-happy make your trip through chemo work any better? 

You still have to go through the process, right? 

Will being anxious make your trip through chemo work any better? 

You’re still going through the process, right?

As we’ve learned from wise folks before us, stress can make hair grey, thinner, and fall out. 

So, maybe the only thing UN-happy, anxiety & stress do is cause bad hair issues. 

Bottom line? 

If you’ve chosen chemo, let it do its work without UN-happy, anxiety & stress. 

UN-happy, Anxiety & Stress with Chemo may be more like trying to solve an algebraic problem by chewing bubble gum. 

So maybe this is just too much especially during a life changing and life threatening event. 

We get it. 

It is YOUR process and no one can tell you how YOUR process is, will be or was. 

Nevertheless, we get how personal it is, and want you to know as much as possible in preparation. 

Why we have had so much success with chemo hair loss and hair growth after chemo is that we have compassion for YOU and understand hair and hair growth. 

Here’s the bottom line. 

Chemo is going to do what it is going to do. 

We’ve given you 12 Everyday Things that when reduced, can help follicles to withstand the forces of chemo. The more you attend to those 12 the better the chances. But even if you just do one or two… it can increase your chances of faster hair growth during the 68 days AFTER your last chemo treatment! Now this is How to Prepare for Chemo Hair Loss!

More about that later. 

In the meantime, we’ve put together products that boast 17 tried and true natural hair growth factors. 

Use them before, during and after. 

Your follicles WILL notice. 

As soon as the last of the chemo is out of your body, those follicles will be thrilled and will remember how you took care of them during chemo hair loss. AND, in the crucial next 68 days after chemo, you will have given your follicles the BEST chances possible for full recovery! 

Take me to the Premium Chemo Hair Growth Package NOW!

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How to Prepare for Chemo Hair Loss


I want to take the FREE "2 Minute Hair Evaluation," now!

“12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Thinning Hair Reversal” FREE info. Print your own copy.

Your Trusted Brother and Sister Hair Growth Experts,
Alan & Cheryl

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How to Prepare For Chemo Hair Loss

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