Like a kick in the stomach….
When the results come back.
You’ve got cancer. 

No matter how prepared you are it’s upsetting.

Though you may have had thoughts, concerns, fears, angers..

When they say it to you, it’s indescribable!

We realized that we had no clue what it’s really like for someone to have the diagnosis.
So, we’re not here to tell you that we really know how it is for you.
No one can.
It’s your personal journey.
Like said in the movie “Home for the Holidays,” by Charles Durning’s 
character of Henry Larson,  “Well, opinions are like a**holes, honey. Everybody’s got one and everybody thinks everybody else’s stinks.”

Your gonna get a lot of opinions on ‘what you need to do.”

So, we are NOT here to give our opinions about your journey.

In fact, we didn’t start Belegenza to help people with cancer and chemo hair loss. Chemo just wasn’t on our radar, nor do we claim to have any medical authority!

After serving those who simply wanted to speed up their hair growth,  increase strength, and thicken up their hair with pure food grade ingredients, it got around to some chemo-challenged folks as they say, the rest is history! 

When we started Belegenza, we didn’t plan on being the “go-to” for cancer related hair loss. 

It kinda just kept happening. 

People without cancer and chemo-challenged hair loss were getting such great results, the questions started about whether or not it would help hair growth after chemo. 

Then, the question was “what about hair growth during chemo?”

Then, “what about hair growth before chemo?” 

At first, it was simply a hope that it would help hair growth related to chemo!

As time went on, and we got to know the few folks who relied on Belegenza and GrowOUT after chemo, and they are really the people to whom we owe  thanks. 

Hair Growth After Chemo was Just the Beginning

Our earliest Chemo Hair Loss people were the ones who started sharing their innermost thoughts, and what was most important to them during their cancer journey to recovery. 

Well, to make a long story short, as they say….(too late…) we started to realize many things.

As soon as we thought we understood, the next level of learning kicked in by way of the next chemo challenged friend who found us by referral or by finding us in a Google search! 

Shortly thereafter, we started to find out that there were some VERY common things that happened to the hair, hair follicles, and WHY those things
were happening.

Since then, we have several great blog articles like “The 68-day Window of Chemo Hair Growth” that is a must-read for anyone who’s dealing with cancer, chemo or has a loved one dealing with it.

You can read that later by clicking here now. 

BUT BEFORE YOU DO, we are telling you that we found that we had not yet realized how much more there is to helping people who are dealing with cancer, chemo hair loss or chemo hair growth

Not long ago, we had a wicked website issue that shut down our usual way of doing business. (It is fixed, now! )

So, instead of relying on emails, blog posts, and such, we started doing the old-fashioned thing—phone calling!
(Isn’t it funny that we have smartphones, yet we find that’s the last thing we do with them…phonecalling!)

We wanted to be in touch, and phoning was our only option!

With this, we really started talking to people and that was the blessing.

Though we felt intrusive at times because we respect people’s privacy, we started to find that some people just wanted to tell us EVERYTHING! 

Some people, not so much, which is fine with us. 

The ones that wanted to tell us everything ended up teaching us that EVERYONE’S journey is unique. 

There were commonalities, of course, but tons of various details that we could have never though of. 

One day, when a giggling chemo patient called with a question about how to use GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray the best way between chemo treatments, that we got a whole new level of learning.
She said (by phone, so it’s as close as I can remember),

“I knew you guys knew more about my situation when I read your webpage. I searched out Hair Growth Chemo, and Belegenza came up at the top. I clicked on it and it was like y’all were reading my mind and speaking directly to me! I clicked on the add to cart button and bought right away. Another question is about my sister who doesn’t have cancer…can she use these, too?! ”    (Absolutely!) 

By the way, we really were afraid of not being appropriate with people with chemo and cancer, because we just had no reference. So, this giggling chemo patient took us by surprise!

AND, she shared so much that I think SHE violated the HIPA laws by telling us too much! LOL! 

After we hung up, Cheryl and I realized is that even with as much as we’ve learned— there is more to go

So, while we are in the lab doing research and development, we also know that there is ton of “psychology” (for lack of a better word) behind the whole process of assisting people before, during and after chemo! 

So, this blog is a call for your input

So that we may help others better, let us know some of YOUR challenges, fears, concerns, setbacks, pitfalls, aggravations, irritations that you may have experienced while dealing with chemo and hair growth after chemo

We also want to hear about your wins, accomplishments, miracles, and of course how it’s changed your life (hopefully for the better)! 

By the way, this is why we give out our private cell/text number to those who purchase
We want you to have direct access to us …for YOUR questions and also in a way that is private, personal and at YOUR discretion and pace. 

A little common secret we’ve found is that the “C” word can strike a person’s deepest fears, it’s just a matter of moments before the big question hits….

“What about my hair!????”

And this is where we specialize.

Hair growth before, during, and after chemo!

(And don’t get mad at your doctor for not understanding or answering much about your hair.
Their job is to save your life! 
Give them a lot of room if they don’t know much more about your hair).

We do! 

Hair loss / hair growth after chemo questions, answers, and compassion are what you’ll get with us! 

So, back to the How To Grow Hair After Chemo….

We approach it a few ways.

1. Remove all the nasties from hair products and scalp products. You will see a complete list in our packages pages…things like silicones, paba, parabens, acrylates, salt, sulfates, mineral oil, and the list goes on. Start here, though with: 

FREE "Silicone Derivative AVOID List." Click here, now!

2. Do NOT use hair growth products during chemo that have any of the above nasties.

3. Pay close attention to your diet and especially water intake. Here’s a list of some of the foods that make hair loss worse included in our:
FREE "12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Hair Thinning Reversed!" Click here, now.

And, again remember to PRINT your must read blog article  “The 68-day Window of Chemo Hair Growth”

If you don’t know what happens in that 68-day window, you are putting your follicles at risk, and it can be permanent. 

So, we repeat….remember to PRINT your must-read blog article  “The 68-day Window of Chemo Hair Growth”

Take me to the Premium Chemo Hair Growth Package NOW!

Your Trusted Brother & Sister Before-During-and-After-Chemo-(or not)
Hair Growth Experts

Alan & Cheryl 

P.S. “The 68-day Window of Chemo Hair Growth” Remember to read this! 

FREE "12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Hair Thinning Reversed!" Click here, now.

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