Each day the sun gets more intense until the Summer Solstice, June 21 this year.  June 21 will be the longest day of the year.


Now is the time to begin protecting your hair from this progressively more intense heat and its ability to damage your hair & fade your color (both natural color and tinted colors).


We are kicking off Memorial Weekend with a special treatment that is super easy and can fit right into your poolside, beachside or any outdoor fun.


Pop a bottle of SpotLite Shine Serum or EnCore Leave In Conditioner or RoMANce Deep Conditioner, and use one or all of these as the pony tail or braid dressing.  Done especially before swimming, this will fill the core of your hair, repelling nasties like chlorine or salt damage, and will use the heat to drive the conditioning and shine agents more deeply into the core for a “solar intense” treatment!  This will also fill in damage sites so that it will be less likely to absorb nasties on the following days.


Have a poolside braiding party, and when you’re all done, super saturate the ends with SpotLite Shine Serum for an extra boost that will look good today, and will also have you thankful at the end of summer that you prevented the cumulative damage of summer by USING the sun’s intensity to your advantage!


Happy Memorial Weekend….AND SUMMER!


Alan & Cheryl