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Don’t you hate when the decision has already been made for you?

We all want input in the day to day happenings in our lives.

We can control a lot.

Unfortunately, somethings are already decided for us.

Blame it on our DNA.

The simple truth is your genes know all.

What color your eyes will be and how tall you’ll end up along with the shape of your nose.

It’s all pretty much decided.

Belegenza Natural Hair Care works WITH your genetics.

Another thing that is already decided is when your hair will turn grey.

Your genes are already hardwired at birth and the decision has been made.
If you turn premature grey before the age of 30 you usually do so because it runs in your family.
For most though, greying starts in middle age.

Here is a 50/50/50 rule of thumb developed by dermatologists.

By age 50, half the population will have at least 50 percent grey hair.

Interestingly, though, that in a worldwide survey
it was shown that number was much lower, with only 6-23% of people half grey
by age 50.

So sit back and relax
because worrying isn’t going to stop the process.

BECAUSE, in fact, the stress of it make make your hair more gray!

You have choices if you keep that grey or not, and can tint it any time… or not!

Decide what is best for you and when it
is Belegenza, we always
help your hair look its best no matter what the color!

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How long to grow out gray hair


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how long to grow out gray hair : Genetic Gray Code


how long to grow out gray hair,

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