Before you wonder what texture and color your hair will grow back…..
The real question is HOW can it grow back after having been terrorized
by chemo and why!? 

Some people get coarser, thicker hair. 

Some get chemo curls. 

Some get finer hair. 

Some get less than they had before. 

Some get coarser hair than they had before. 

Some go grey. 

Some go “mixed” curl, texture. 

Some go fine. 

Some go very thin…forever. 

So, how that happens is pretty well known. 

Chemotherapy essentially attacks what are called “rapidly dividing cells.” 

Cancer is that category. 

So are hair cells.

Unfortunately, chemo doesn’t know the difference, thus hair loss. 

Essentially, while chemo is doing its thing, it’s zapping the
hair growth center of each follicle.

Depending on your nutrition levels, circulation, delivery of said nutrients, and the bombardment of chemicals from shampoos, conditioners and such during chemo creates the havoc that can alter
the growth or lack thereof
your hair in countless ways. 

If chemo zaps the cysteine structures (sulfur based bonds responsible for curl or not) it can permanently alter the curl and body of your hair. 

If chemo zaps the melanocytes (responsible for the pigments in your hair) then a color change may happen, thus greying practically overnight! 

How your hair fares during this bombardment period and the 68 days after your last chemo treatment
sets the stage for either disappointing results or as you’ve seen with some people, better hair than ever! 

(To set yourself up for maximum success, read Critical 68-Day Window After Chemotherapy Hair Loss ASAP)!

Also, make sure you follow your doctors’ orders, and incorporate as many things as possible into your routine to increase your odds of success starting BEFORE chemo. Also, during is important because
your hair may be growing back between chemo treatments, but because it takes about 21 days for them to emerge from the depths of your follicles, you may not see them because the next chemo treatment zaps them, and they have to start over.
Remember, they are rapidly dividing cells, so it can happen quickly

THE BEST NEWS is that as soon as you have your last chemo treatment,
your hair follicles will do the best job they can to grow hair. 

How they do is dependent on what you did DURING the chemo. 

So, it’s vital to do all the correct things. 

There is no way to predict the actual damage to the follicles from the chemo, but when you do all the right things,
you will have increased your chances of
the best hair possible after chemo. 

And, of course, the Critical 68-Day Window After Chemotherapy Hair Loss
is the KEY to success and a lifetime of your best hair possible. 

If you missed that window, there is still hope, and if you really care,
you want to jump in as soon as possible and
get these things done.

To wait or to not take actions now only jeopardizes
your chances for great hair, and in some cases any hair at all. 

So, now is the time. 

If the only thing you do is take action now during the 68 day window,
you will always feel good about your hair growth efforts into the future. 

By the way, J.H. told us that he used Belegenza products during the 68 day window. Then, he just thought it was safe to go back to regular high-quality salon products and found his hair began thinning.
He’s back to Belegenza products for a lifetime! 

So, now is the time to get prepared for hair growth.
By doing so, soon you will see the answer to the question
‘how does hair grow back after chemo?’  

We’re certain you’ll be pleased as Belegenza works for you.

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Alan & Cheryl 

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How Does Hair Grow Back After Chemo? Best Approach for Success!
Does Hair Grow Back After Chemo
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