Many wonder if there is truly anything you can do to help hair growth related to Menopause and Hair Loss! 
In our experience, Menopausal hair loss is not JUST because of menopause, but because a what we call a “stack effect!” It’s a combination of many things. Then when menopause kicks in, the menopausal conditions are the proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back!”
Having helped 1000’s of women dealing with menopause and hair loss and helping with menopause and hair regrowth, we have the great fortune of collecting useful data. This data has helped tremendously, and has created Belegenza as the “GO-TO” products of choice for those interested in hair growth and the best hair possible… naturally! 
Before we tell you to buy Belegenza’s GrowOUT series of products, it’s important to eliminate or at least reduce the “stack effect” hair killers especially during menopause. 
Nasties, like: 
…and so many more 
 (see our 12 Everday Things Slowing Hair Growth |Thinning Hair Reversed)
In today’s “nasties” era, people are experiencing hair thinning, slow growing hair more than every. In fact, it is a slow process that happens, and is mostly unnoticeable, and justified by saying, “Well, I’m just getting older.” 
In our discoveries, we have found that it’s slowing due to a slow and steady drip of things that stack up into serious hair thinning and slow hair growth. 
By the time menopause kicks in, it’s the final adjustment that is VERY noticeable. 
Though the female biology eventually resets hormones, it’s something that will happen if you live long enough! 
We believe and have seen that when you attend to the other variables in the stack effect, the hormonal changes may not be so devastating to the hair. This explains why some women have severe hair loss due to menopause and others breeze through it with minimal or no hair loss!
So, if you want to increase your odds of great hair during menopause, and lessen the effects of menopause and hair loss, it’s worth considering and find out for yourself!
How to keep your hair from falling out so rapidly during the menopause-roller-coaster-time may start with eliminating everyday things that have been stacking up to slow your hair growth and hair quality. The thing that seems counter-intutive is to eliminate soy.
So many doctors and health practitioners have recommended it for hormonal replacement therapy, but now are seeing it’s a competitive hormonal challenge to a woman’s receptor sites. Read Menopause and Hair Growth: Lose the Fear of Hair Loss (Free copy) by clicking here now.
Whether you have time right now to read or not, you must at least print out your copy of “12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Hair Thinning Reversed” by clicking here now.
And, start throwing away any soy oil salad dressings, cooking oils, and prepared foods that have any soy proteins or oil, now.
Get rid of canola oil, too.
Stop tuna, mackerel, and sushi which contain mercury.
Eliminate silicone based hair products and gels or styling gels with acrylates (liquid plastic).
Here’s a quick, yet NOT complete list of silicones:
…ingredients that end in -cone, or -ane.
These are super small and will clog your hair follicles, slowing growth. 
If you’d rather we did all the work for you,
check out our packages that have 17 hair growth factors built in!
No sense in wasting time with one “trendy” ingredient like argan, or moroccan, or Rogaine or Nioxin when
you can use 17 tried-and-true ingredients at one time!
Built of premium ingredients effective on all types, textures and cultures of hair! 
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Menopause and Hair Loss vs Menopause and Hair Growth!

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