High blood pressure is not just for the old.
In today’s stress filled world it can affect you at a much younger age than you realize.
There are many side effects to high blood pressure beyond the ones that are commonly addressed.
Research has shown that those who have high blood pressure (hypertension) can suffer from hair loss.
But whether that hair loss is related to the elevated pressure or the medications prescribed for said elevation is unknown.
So keep in mind while hair loss cannot be associated directly with high blood pressure, it can be the side effect.
Even if it is the medication, it’s a reason to get it under control and be healthy.
Though once in a while, you might have a Margarita. 
Cool, refreshing, lime with that ring of salt on the rim, makes your mouth water just thinking about it, right? 
With just that blast of salt for the evening, the disruption in your hydration levels can wreak havoc on your follicles’ ability to continue building hair as usual. 
And, though it seems just a one-night thing, it can take DAYS to re-balance your electrolytes throughout your body, thus affecting hair growth for days on end! 
So, hopeful you haven’t gone Monday Margarita, Taco Tuesday, Wednesday Fajitas, etc., it’s a good idea to watch out for long-term high blood pressure. This along with other seemingly small dietary mistakes can accumulate into Illnesses that Cause Hair Loss in Females and Males!
Though we don’t promote Margaritas, we do get it! Oh, we’re not even talking about the salt in the chips, salsa, and fajitas, etc.!!!
To help you alleviate the guilt, we’ve stacked more than 17 trusted hair growth factors into our products-naturally. Load up before and after your Margaritas, and show off your sexy hair! 
It makes sense to do what you can do todday to increase your number of tomorrows?! 
Even if it’s time to “let your hair down once in a while!” 
If a salty Margarita ain’t your style, imagine how much faster the 17 trusted hair growth factors will work!
Getting your hair growing again is certainly a way to feel better about yourself.
Want help?
Our GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray is YOUR answer.
It’s ultra-concentrated formula will nourish your scalp to maximize your hair’s quality while aiding in its growth. Use it daily, even on non-shampoo days!
You deserve the best and Belegenza will take you there!
By the way, with your package you will receive Alan & Cheryl’s private cell/text so that you can get personal attention from the creators! 
What other company does this? 
Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl! 
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Alan & Cheryl
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Illnesses that Cause Hair Loss in Females

Hair Loss & Margaritas : Could This Lead to Illnesses that Cause Hair Loss in Females