Bananas have been around for a long time. 
They are believed to have originated primarily in Malaysia about 4,000 years ago. However, it is believed that people used bananas for food long before recorded history. 
The armies of Alexander the Great found bananas growing in India in 327 BC. In time the banana plant traveled more than half way around the world to reach the areas of tropical America where, today, about two thirds of the world’s bananas are produced.
Good news is they contain so much good stuff, from vitamin B6 to vitamin C to fiber to protein. 
Even better, they only contain a small amount of fat. 
Bananas are rich in pectin which may moderate blood sugar levels after meals and reduce appetite by slowing the emptying of your stomach. 
Bananas also have a large amount of vitamin B6 which can help regulate your hormones and reduce stress. 
And yes, they promote healthy hair.  
It’s easy for a banana to make a difference in today’s society. With all the sodium we get from a multitude of natural sources AND all the processed foods, potassium is the mineral that balances the scales.
So, the moment you have a banana, chock full of potassium, you are essentially redistributing the water levels in the cells that may have too much (or too little) water, due to the sodium content! 
With potassium’s balancing act, the follicles are able
to better build hair.
With the water balanced and a few other fancy tricks that happen in the mineral balancing act, your follicles will show you
their appreciation with 
better hair growth! 
Bottom line: Watching and trying to reduce sodium 24/7 can be a full-time job! So, start by gragging a banana for your snack and
do your follicles an immediate favor!
Your follicles will thank you and show you by
growing better hair! 
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