Hair Growth : A Thyroid Thing?

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Hair Growth : A Thyroid Hair Growth Treatable or Temporary Thing?

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It’s always alarming to see hairs on the tub floor, in the shower drain,  the floor of your bathroom, or your bathroom countertops and sink!
We don’t want to lose any of our hair, EVER. But it is
perfectly normal to shed up to 100 strands of hair everyday.

Of course some days, losing ANY hair is stressful…. but
we’re here to help you
understand & deal with
the natural hair growth and hair shedding process.

So, if you feel you’re losing more than 100 hairs  per day
you need to seek help.
By the way, we are not medical professionals nor are we suggesting anything in that category other than to seek advice directly from YOUR medical professional!

AND…before you try anything and everything for
hair growth including our incredible GrowOUT products…

Check with your health professional first.

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So before you start “throwing darts” it’s a good idea to have professional give a clearer picture of what is behind the hair loss. It may be  nothing. But as many have proven to us, it  could be an  issue with the
An autoimmune disease, such as thyroid disease,
can put you at a greater risk for alopecia areata —  excessive and rapid hair loss in specific parts of the scalp that can advance to baldness and also effect other parts of the body, like the eyebrows.

The good news is if it is diagnosed, you now KNOW what is best to do for it from your doctor.
AND, most cases of thyroid-related hair loss are temporary and treatable, as they will explain to you.

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What is thyroid disease?  Even though we are not doctors, the common knowledge is that
thyroid diseases occur when the normal production of thyroid hormones is disrupted.
It’s important to note that with treatment of a thyroid dysfunction,
regrowth will typically occur (although it may take months and it may be incomplete).

So just take note if you see excessive hairs on the floor and consult a physician.
It is treatable.
Just don’t panic & lose any more hairs than you have to…
 hair growth is on its way!
Belegenza Natural Hair Care will also be there with you
to help replenish those hairs.

It’s all good.

And, IF you are losing more hair than you’d like,
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accidentally losing hair
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Hair Growth : A Thyroid Thing?

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