Intro to Grey Hair and Hair Loss: 3 Ways to Stop It! Say No to Alopecia

Your hair follicles contain active and inactive melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) that give your hair its color.

Your follicles regenerate and recruit the dormant melanocytes to replace the depleted ones after the growth phase of your hair.

When the inactive melanocytes run out, your follicles don’t have a reserve of pigmentation and your hair strands will grow out grey/white.

As greying continues, the hair frequently looks wiry, lacks a youthful, silky texture and vibrant shine, due to the reduction of sebum produced by your oil glands in your scalp.

Hair follicles get smaller as we age, and with smaller follicles come smaller individual hairs!

These smaller hairs, have a more transparent appearance from the lack of pigment. (Especially noticeable for those who color their grey hair when the roots are growing in. Because it’s lacking color at the roots, it seems to be very thin looking and practically see-through…Once tinted, you are better able to see the hair, thus looking not so thin anymore!)

Again, this pigment lack makes your hair look thinner–but,
now, this doesn’t have to happen to you!

Continue reading if you want to have great grey hair and discover how to help stop hair loss.

Grey Hair and Hair Loss: 3 Ways to Stop It! Say No to Alopecia

1. Pay attention to everything you put in your hair: This includes everything you lather, slather, spray, squirt, smush, or rub on your hair and scalp. These items contain ingredients like plastic, acrylates, and silicone that get into the pores, follicles, and crevices around where the hair and scalp meet, thus sealing, clogging, and choking off your hair growth. It’s like a wrapper is on your hair and scalp, and you can’t simply rinse that wrapper off and out of the follicles and pores. The follicles, which are smothered and can’t breathe, struggle to form hair.  Since the follicles are already smaller, they start to give up, thin out, and eventually give up, and you go bald–That means Alopecia!

2. Avoid soy, corn syrup, and mercury(fish): Unfortunately, soy protein is responsible for phytohemagglutinin, which is a plastic-like complex that lodges in the finest capillaries of the body. Follicles have some of the finest capillaries. Soy is used in everything from salad dressing, bread, protein bars, biofuel, and ink printed in a book.

Corn doesn’t exactly attack hair follicles, but many nutritionists will tell you that corn products disrupt so many metabolic processes and more, that your body will go into emergency mode again to get that disruptor out of the body or store it in the fat cells to not deal with it. With your body dealing with all the disruptors, there are minimal to no nutrients left
to build hair.

Mercury is also a disruptor of the body’s metabolic processes and is not just in canned tuna. Watch out for swordfish, mackerel king, orange roughy, and tuna.

3. Avoid substances that collect in or on your follicles: We worried about petroleum and mineral oil in hair products a few decades ago. But now, with “progress”, manufacturers have replaced those oils with silicones, acrylates, waxes, quaterniums, plasticizers, which do wonders for making the hair look better, but that is until it thins out and falls out.

Conclusion to Grey Hair and Hair Loss: 3 Ways to Stop It! Say No to Alopecia

As your follicles stop producing melanin, and the oil glands on your scalp produce less sebum, grey hair becomes more porous, fragile, and more susceptible to contaminants.

It’s imperative that you use gentle, natural, and nourishing hair care products. Make sure they are SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) free and chemical-free and nasties free, like Belegenza!

Belegenza Natural Hair Care has taken the guesswork out of which hair care products are right for you.
Belegenza continuously researches ingredients to provide you with
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To ensure a deep shine, the empty portion of the hair damage sites must be treated without silicones and nourished
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Where the pigment is missing, the proper ingredients will allow
a prismatic reflection of light, making
your hair seem as if the lights are on INSIDE your hair!

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But that’s not all!

What you will find is that Belegenza proudly provides you with not just one or two popular hair growth ingredients but
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