What you put in your body, whether food or drink, plays an important role in hair growth and hair loss.
So many out there love to drink diet soda as they feel it aids in weight loss.
Perhaps it does.
But you might change your mind about it if you knew that diet soda is NOT good for hair health.
It contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener. This ingredient is known to cause thinning of hair leading to hair fall.
Missy Elliot got smart according to her Instagram page and after giving up soda for four months felt a huge change in her energy level.
She drank water instead and felt it restored the glow back to her face and skin.
….And, NO more sluggishness.
Give it up. Reach for something healthier (water) just like Missy.
But if you are trying to recover from hair loss from too much soda
then reach for Thinning Hair: Volume & Growth Support Package
by Belegenza.
With this package of 4 amazing & unmatched products–you are on your way.
Your hair thinning reversed.
You will receive silicone-free follicle support that goes beyond to set the stage for longer, stronger thicker hair growth no matter what stage of hair growth you are in!
Thinning Hair: Volume & Growth Support Package by Belegenza.
The sooner you take action the better. 
Sometimes, when the answer is right before our eyes, we hesitate because it may not seem so exciting to prevent the inevitability of thinning hair or that you can trust something so easily
Each day of waiting can cost hair follicles…permanently. 
It’s proven that we lose 80-100 hairs per day. 
That can stack up by waiting to take the BEST actions possible. 
And, then, there are the days that you try trendy things that simply don’t work as advertised. And, given you are just hearing about Belegenza, it may seem too good to be true. 
But, as those days tick away, 100’s and 1000’s of hairs slip away–very fast. 

And, each day you see those hairs in your brush and in your drain, you’ll be reminded that Belegenza may just very well be the right choice!
As you try other things, you will find that each “hair growth” product maker celebrates their ONE magic ingredient, until everyone is selling the same magic ingredient.
You know the drill… today is rogaine, the next it’s argan, the next it’s “fill in the blank.” 
By the way, did you know that GrowOUT by Belegenza showcases
OVER 17 Trusted Hair Growth Factors in a nasties-free base? 
So why would you spend time and money on ONE ingredient that  may or may not work, when you can invest in your self and
increase your chances with 17 Trusted Hair Growth Factors by Belegenza.
And that’s not all! 
With your package you will receive Alan & 
Cheryl’s private cell/text so that you can get YOUR questions answered 
by THE silicone-free hair growth experts! 
What other company does all this for you and your hair? 
Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl! 
Your Trusted Brother and Sister Not Sipping on Diet Aspartame Laced Soda Hair Growth Experts
Alan & Cheryl
Thinning Hair: Volume & Growth Support Package by Belegenza.
Get even faster results by adding this information to your hair growth menu! 
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Go the Missy Elliot Way: Give it up for Hair Growth!
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