If you love gardening, landscaping, or indoor plants there is a ton to learn about hair growth!

As you’ve probably read from us before is that we compare silicone and chemicals for hair like a

plastic cover over the garden.

You may have used them, or maybe even seen farmlands covered in plastic and wondered about what’s going on.

If you’ve used plastic, this is what they do.
Plastic covers are used in certain climates when you are starting seeds, seedlings, and protecting from a frost that you might not have expected.  More about that in other posts.

The point though is that they have to be used strategically, and you have to know when to remove them, lest you lose your new plants pretty quickly.

Whether you use the plastic or not though, the real secret is that soil may be THE most important thing for a plant.

Cheryl’s and my relationship to plants for a long time was to add water, give it sun, and hope for the best.

So, here’s how plants and gardens have taught us so much about hair.

Here’s a bit of metaphor for faster growing hair.

Of course, the metaphor breaks down after a while, but the point is to understand how important attention on the scalp may be the most important thing that you do to grow your hair as fast, strong and healthy as possible.

Did you know soil can be alkaline or acid?

Remember the pH balanced importance for hair, skin and scalp?  ( read more about it here)

Did you know that some soil drains well, and others don’t?

Did you know that some soils dry out easier than others, even if it doesn’t have direct sun?

Did you know that plants respond to humidity, and that the soil does, too?

What about plant foods, fertilizers, stimulators, growth accelerators?

These are all great questions.

How do they apply?

Your scalp has certain basic needs.

Most of those needs are satisfied by your diet and water intake.

After that, we usually just buy shampoos and conditioners geared towards our hair type ( dry, brittle, oily, curly, straight, fine, etc.)

In todays formulations, 93% or more have silicone derivatives. This is where the plastic and planting fits in.

The silicone is like a plastic covering, and it’s cummulative! (NOT GOOD)!

Putting that on your hair may work for a while, but as it seeps into the scalp and the follicles, this may be the biggest and most important growth-slowing thing.  It makes sense that people are thinning at younger ages than ever. *

So, if you think growing plants and gardening is complicated, you’re right.  Ask any farmer whose life depends on farming and crops.

Hair, scalp, follicles, your diet, your water intake, medications, stress, humidity or lack thereof in your home, the heat from irons, wands and blowdryers, your hormone levels, genetic predisposition to thinning hair or not, and then you trust mass marketing to care for your precious scalp, follicles and hair.*

Remember, mass market products are for the most average people.  Even the ones that are fancy, expensive, and touted as a unique thing.  For them to be in a large market, most factories can only formulate things that are similar in nature…. in today’s world, it’s silicone based. Even the organic ones!

Again, if you think gardening is complicated, growing your best hair is even more complicated, when you are really serious about having your most AWESOME hair.

As you age and thinning kicks in, you want to make sure you are doing EVERYTHING as best you can.

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