What is pH? Hair growth & how to grow hair faster!

Wondering what pH is?

Is pH balance important for hair growth?
What in the world is pH to being with, right!?

It’s a measurement of how acidic or alkaline something is. It’s a rating system of the “potential Hydrogen” in an acid, rated 1-6, 7 being neutral (plain water) and alkaline from 8-14.

For reference, lemon juice and vinegar are about 3.0 pH….acid.

Lye (Drano or hair relaxer) is about 11-13.0 pH…..alkaline.

And good ole water is neutral…7.0 pH .

Hair and skin is between 4.5- 5.5.  The body has a built in way of creating this pH and it’s called the Acid Mantle.

Once this gets disrupted, your skin and scalp’s Acid Mantle process begins restoring the pH to the healthy 4.5 -5.5 range.

When the hair goes above the healthy range, the outer cuticle layer of the hair raises like shingles on a roof that have been blown open.  This is why shine disappears after certain shampoos, colors, bleaches, and such.

On the skin & scalp, alkalinity makes the top layer softer by swelling it and making way for bacteria to invade. The more often this happens the looser the skin gets, and the more the sebum (oil) glands and sweat glands kick in to restore the Acid Mantle, which takes  a few hours.

There are ways to help your skin and scalp to restore the Acid Mantle which you can find online and all, yet can be dangerous, in that you must know what level the pH is before starting to correct it.

For example, if you use a Vinegar Rinse and the pH is only 5.0 to begin with, the Vinegar will squeeze out the moisture.  BUT, if you just had a color, (10 -13 ph), a Vinegar Rinse can be very useful immediately afterwards, but not to be repeated every day.

So, this helps clarify some of the mystery of why some SWEAR by Vinegar, Lemon, Beer (4.0- 5.0), Ale (3.0 ), Onion (5.0-6.5).   This also tells why you might find your hair getting dry.  So, it’s not the end all nor be all!

Adjusting hair pH is child’s play for us. Belegenza KEEPS the balance.  And, if you color, or perm or keratin, we can balance it back to perfection EASILY!  (IF it’s not done right away, your hair is up for serious damage in those initial 72 hours.  Hit it with a blowdryer or wand or flatiron, and the heat damage is exponential!   Let us balance it for you within minutes of your color, perm, or keratin! )

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