Foot care with Natural Hair Shine Products?

Weird Beauty Hack for Feet using Natural Hair Shine Products!



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How important are your feet?
If you’ve ever had a foot injury you know the answer already.
We have an inexpensive way to treat your feet.

You can do this easy & effective beauty hack while you’re sleeping. Really!

Are you ready for your feet to be
smoother and more refreshed than ever?

Assuming you have some Natural Hair Shine Products…..


Gather these 4 things and get started.


  1. Saran wrap (or some type of plastic wrap)
  2. Large socks
  3. A moisturizer of your choosing (yet silicone based products may not be as effective) What is silicone? (click herefor AVOID list!)
  4. A towel
  5. A small piece of your favorite chocolate placed on your nightstand


Before heading off to bed one night, take extra care to wash your feet with hot water and then towel dry them.

After that all you do is simply apply generous amounts of moisturizer to your feet, wrap them in plastic wrap, pull the socks over them .

As you crawl under the covers, grab that little piece of chocolate and enjoy!
(BEWARE of sleep walking, sleep refrigerator raids, and any walking anywhere with these wrapped feet!  Remove beforehand and clean your feet from slippery stuff!)

Who knew foot care with natural hair shine products could be so decadent?

If you’re worried about a possible mess you can leave with natural hair shine products, put the towel under your feet as you sleep.

Next morning unwrap and ta da — soft and relaxed feet.
You, of course, can do this during the day but night time is really perfect. That way
all the work is done by the natural hair shine products while your sleeping and it doesn’t cut into your busy day.

WARNING: Do NOT walk on floors with slippery moisturizer on your feet!  Walk responsibly!

Foot care with Natural Hair Shine Products
may be better than Foot Care Products (especially silicone based ones)

Our Favorite is using SpotLite Shine Serum paying special attention to the cuticle of each toenail!  It almost seems the dropper applicator was made for applying it to the cuticle!

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