Knowing the missing ingredient that can make the difference can be priceless.

Knowing what YOUR hair needs makes all the difference for someone who’s hair is thinning.

If your hair was growing just fine up until now, there might be a simple problem that is easily addressed.


How does this relate to PINK FLAMINGOS?

It was discovered that PINK FLAMINGOS in captivity were turning WHITE!


The feathers were just fine.  They were simply turning white over time.

Compared to the ones, even in their blood line that were in the wild, it wasn’t a genetic modification.

Upon further research, it was found that they were lacking a specific nutrient from shellfish.


It’s a phyto nutrient that is good for people as well.

In the case of FLAMINGOS though, it’s what makes them PINK!

You’ve seen this before.  When you peel shrimp, you see that there is a pinkish tone to the edges of the exoskeleton, and a bit in the flesh of the shrimp.  It’s even easier to see when the shrimp cooks turning it from a transluscent flesh to a white flesh with strong pink markings!

My Disney Former President confirmed this with me as she learned this with the FLAMINGOS at Epcot!

Once put back into their food supply (Canthaxanthin,) those beautiful white feathers transformed to PINK again….  The magic of Disney in action!

As you probably know already, this is how we developed Belegenza.

What’s missing for great hair, awesome hair growth, or whatever the hair concern.

How can we access that natural ingredient?

How do we formulate a product to deliver that natural ingredient?

How do we DELIVER that ingredient properly to hair and follicles to give the results?

That’s how we selected and combined over 17 hair growth ingredients!

Though very simple in one regard, hair needs are specific to each person.

Because we have 17 of the most powerful AND LIKELY growth factors, it’s why we are the leader in hair growth, hair growth after chemo, post-partum hair growth, menopausal hair growth, male pattern hair growth, womens hair growth.

It’s so safe… that we even are a leader in the Loose Anagen & Short Anagen Syndromes ( a childhood thin hair issue)  categories!

So, if you are serious about results, perfection and awesome hair… Belegenza & GrowOUT are perfect for you!

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