As they say: 


On what? 

Here are a few things to consider: 

How was the nutrition to your follicles beforehand?

What was being used on the scalp before and during chemo?

What is being used in the immediate 68 days AFTER chemo? (more about that below..) 


How was the nutrition to your follicles beforehand?

Hair growth cells are similar to cancer cells as proven by chemotherapy’s ability to kill cancer. 

Cancer cells are considered “rapidly dividing cells.”  These are what are MOST affected by chemo. 

Hair is also considered a “rapidly dividing cell” category as well. 

Because chemo only seeks out these kinds of cells, it’s the reason hair loss is so prevalent. 

It is likely, that even if your nutrition intake before chemo was pretty good,
it’s safe to assume that the cancer tissues were raping your nutritional stores to feed themselves.
So, this is why your doctor has probably told you to NOT take
certain supplements.
Some actually can help cancers grow, which is a bad thing. So, always check with your doctor before upping certain vitamins. 

What was being used on the scalp before and during chemo?

With already nutritionally deficient follicles, adding conventional hair products that create a covering of silicone, acrylates, mineral oil, petrolatum, and even natural things like coconut oil (not certain extracts), can only make things worse. 
It would be similar to to covering your garden with with plastic sheets (acrylate/plastic) to protect them from cold weather. If not removed in time, it will smother the plants. Same with hair follicles. 

It’s bad enough that hair growth cells are damaged during chemo, but to
add anything topically only makes it worse, and can cost
hair growth permanently. 

This is also the time to clean up your diet. Remember, the follicles rely on the delivery of perfect hair building blocks that come from your foods.

Think of it like the 3 Little Pigs’ homes. Straw makes a weak house, wood a stronger house, and bricks houses, even stronger!  

Junk food, weak hair. 
Balanced diet, better. 
Organic, natural whole foods, even stronger hair! 

What is being used in the immediate 68 days AFTER chemo?

There is a hair growth window of 68 days just after the last chemo treatment that can make or break hair growth efforts for the long-term! 

Remember, first, that hair growth is dependent on “rapidly dividing cells.” 

Hopefully, the damage has been kept to a minimum because you did as many of the right things as possible, which we go over in depth in the Critical 68-Day Window After Chemotherapy Hair Loss  
by Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl. 

Once the last treatment of chemo has been done, and the body has expelled as much chemo as possible, those “rapidly dividing cells,” can take off in the deepest part of the follicles. This is why you don’t
see hair right away, because it’s in the deep skin/scalp making its way up the follicles! 

The only unknown is how much damage the chemo actually did to the follicles. 

BUT…. typically within 45 days, your first version of new hair emerges through the top layers. 

The next 25 days are just as critical. 
Some notice a texture change from their original hair. 

Some see a texture change from day 45 to 68 that has
more strength, texture and substance! 


All this to say, though a lot is predictable to us
by the generous feedback we’ve gotten from countless success stories, each journey is completely unique. 

This is why, with your purchase, you will receive Alan & Cheryl’s private and confidential cell/text. To walk your through your journey so that
you’ll get the best possible results! 

What other company does all this for you and your hair? 

Only Belgenza, Alan & Cheryl! 

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