simplyyoungFor years, I’d hear, “My hair is too fine and limp for conditioner, so don’t put anything on it!”   Out from the bowl would come a clump of wet, matted fur that took most of the appointment time to comb out the tangles.  Once done, I’d lower my hands behind their backs to hide the wad of broken hairs that I’d remove from the comb and  would slip the hair wad into my pocket.  I felt like such a fraud, yet, they couldn’t bear seeing the hairloss, and could not accept another possibility.  So, I set out to solve the problem.

When Cheryl and I created Romance Deep Conditioning Treatment, we wanted it for all types of hair, and that we did!  Unfortunately, we cannot seem to convince the fine hair mavens that it is appropriate when used once a week.  Because the molecules are so small, they go INTO the hair, not lie on the hair as known conditioners do.  So, when we kept getting such good results with PerForm Control Styling Gel on fine hair, we looked at the magic ingredients in it, and came up with the answer to fine hair looking substantial.  The secret lied in the special protein complex.  We realized that if we could increase the protein complex/ matrix, then add a very small amount of our patent-pending ingredients in a perfect ratio, we’d have a winning recipe for fine hair.

This gave rise to Dramatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner.  For the first time ever, fine limp hair can be nourished with springy proteins that give more bounce, and the flexibility that fine hair needs to look like hair, rather than a fiberglass insulation sculpture.  Not only does it give results immediately, the tangling decreases progressively, and fewer tangles means less breakage during wet detangling sessions, which ultimately leads to more hair and longer hair and better growth.  The growth rate vs. breakage rate is increased, thus better looking hair overall!

Do we still recommend Romance on fine hair?  YES, but only once a week, and only after you have experienced Dramatic and how well it works to support your hair growth, volume and overall wellbeing.

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